Out, Darn Fat, Out!

We were invited into the treatment room where Dr. Jack Fatiha was performing a laser procedure, called LipoLife from Alma Lasers, to sculpt the body of a patient who wanted the stubborn fat removed from her lower back.

The woman was awake and alert since she had only local anesthesia to block sensation from the part of her body where the doctor worked. Dr. Fatiha deftly used a thin cannula, housing a laser, to liquefy the fat under the woman’s skin, which then was gently suctioned out of her body. The heat applied in the procedure causes the affected tissues to contract, and the skin to tighten and become smoother. The lasers are designed to target only fat cells, protecting muscle and nerve tissue.


Besides using local anesthesia, the LipoLife procedure uses a smaller cannula and involves smaller incisions than traditional liposuction.  Bruising and downtime also are reduced. Healing is faster. Patients can resume normal activities in a few days, versus a few weeks.

The LipoLife treatment can be used on almost any area where you have unwanted fat, including the chin, face, neck and jawline, jowls, underarms, buttocks, inner and outer thighs. The procedure takes about one to two hours

Dr. Fatiha’s practice, Sculpt CosMedics is located in Brooklyn, NY.  Check out other locations around the county that offer the procedure on Alma Lasers website.

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