Bring Back Your Glow With A Powerful Skincare System

When my diamond stud earrings and wood living room floor look dull I know precisely how to give them back their happy shine. But when my complexion seemed to go from blooming to blah overnight, I was at a loss what to do! Dark circles under my eyes, age spots, a smattering of facial veins and uneven texture gave me an overall lackluster look that, frankly, I found distressing. Even blush couldn’t help me recapture the glow I saw in my old photos.

“My passion for making women feel beautiful and confident started at an early age.” – Dr. Adrienne Denese

We can get dull or blotchy looking skin at any age. But, as our skin matures and loses collagen and elastin, cell turnover can take as long as 90 days, when it used to take just two weeks! Instead of looking rosy and radiant from fresh cells in the top layer of our skin, our complexion becomes gray and dull from dead skin cells that haven’t left town! What’s more, the natural exfoliation of our skin slows down even more if we spend too much time in the sun, don’t drink enough water, eat poorly and smoke.

I’ve read about rejuvenating hydrafacials, chemical peels and microdermabrasion. But these treatments can be costly and would need to be repeated frequently to keep my skin looking good. I was thinking of splurging on one of them anyway, but held off when I was invited to try the new Essential Radiance Collection from the Dr. Denese SkinScience brand.  A trailblazer in anti-aging medicine, Dr. Adrienne Denese launched her skincare line in 2002; its continuing success is testimony to how well it works. Millions of women don’t buy the same beauty brand year in and year out unless they see results!

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If there was a Who’s Who of Anti-Aging Ingredients in skincare products, those in the Essential Radiance Collection would surely make the cut. All scientifically proven to produce effective results, they include powerful and penetrating glycolic acid to treat fine lines and dullness; retinol, the industry’s gold standard ingredient, to speed skin renewal and create smoother, more evenly toned skin, and peptides for visible firmness and radiance.  

“With Dr. Denese, I trust her products. She just knows what she’s doing.” – Carol Alt

But even the best apparently isn’t enough for Dr. Denese, who also holds a PhD in science. Thanks to innovative technology and her keen mind, Dr. Denese consistently infuses her products with exceptional substances discovered in nature. The seeds of Amaranth flowering plants, for example, provide the precious oil that helps give her Essential Radiance products their power to help revitalize our skin.

Valued by the ancient Aztecs as a restorative medicine and nutritious food, Amaranth is a flower that never fades or wilts and has come to symbolize immortality.  Its oil can help renew the look of our skin and return the radiance it had when we were younger. Amaranth is rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and squalene, a super-effective moisturizer and natural antioxidant.  It also helps the skin protect itself from damage, dirt and impurities.

The Essential Radiance trio provides a simple, yet effective daily regimen:


I have religiously cleansed my face for decades with dozens of creams, gels and lotions, and this velvety cleanser ranks among the best. A triple threat morning and evening, it gently and easily removes all dirt and makeup without over drying my skin… moisturizes with luxurious Amaranth seed oil….and softly removes the dull, dry surface layers of skin to give me a softer, smoother and more radiant complexion. Glycolic acid helps encourage cell turnover.

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Powered by 9 percent glycolic acid plus fruit acids, this advanced treatment encourages surface cellular turnover, nourishes the skin with botanical extracts, and richly moisturizes it with amazing Amaranth seed oil. The first week I applied only a thin layer once a day, then I started using it before bedtime, too. After two weeks, my skin looked brighter and pink was starting to make its way back into my complexion.  



As I massage this light but ultra-rich hydrating formula over my face, the front and back of my neck, and my decolletage, I can see and feel my skin instantly drinking it up. The cream glides on nicely without leaving an oily or greasy residue. It’s amazing how a small amount can provide so much hydration. I like its mild, fresh scent. Its powerhouse of ingredients includes retinol, peptides, the antioxidant resveratrol, and, of course, the revitalizing oil extracted from the seeds of the never-fading, never-wilting Amaranth plant. Wait till you see what it does for your skin!

100% experienced* visibly improved texture
100% experienced* brighter, more luminous skin
100% experienced* more hydrated skin

*Individual results may vary.

Dr. Denese is so confident that you’ll love Essential Radiance, she invites you to use the products for 60 days, and, if you’re not satisfied, you’ll get a full refund, less s&h! Her offer assures me even more that this is a trio of quality beauty products. Plus, the line is incredibly reasonable in the first place!  

What’s more, Dr. Denese will send you her Essential Radiance Pure-20 Lipid Infusion and Pro-Peptide Restoring Eye Cream as free thank you gifts.

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