The Lengths We Go For Our Pets

This post is brought to you by Tidy Cats®, the cat litter expert for nearly 50 years.

Remy, my 14-year-old cat, had the Life of Riley until eight years ago, when we introduced a Norfolk terrier named Rigby into the family.

Terriers being terriers, Rigby lunged for Remy’s food the second he “smelled” it. He could be 50 feet away; he knew the moment the pellets hit the bowl. And oh, Rigby adored Remy’s litter box, too, for reasons not worth elaborating.

The Dog Whisperer couldn’t have trained Rigby to stop his antics, and we weren’t going to hire a 24-hour guard to watch over Remy’s litter box and food bowl. What to do, I thought, excited by the challenge of figuring out a solution.

Ah hah, it hit me, as we were renovating our apartment. Why not have the talented woodworker we were using cut holes at the bottom of two closet doors that would be big enough for Remy to slip through, but too small for Rigby’s chunky body? We’d put the litter box behind one door and the food bowl behind the other (the closets are in the same room, on opposite walls.)

The woodworker carefully determined the proper size of the cutouts and he went to work. Our scheme was a success. Remy quickly made her way behind Door #1 when she was hungry, and headed for Door #2 when she needed her litter box. Of course, Rigby vainlessly tried to squeeze into both cutouts for months, and although he finally gave up, he still makes a mad dash for the food bowl when we’re adding food or accidentally leave the door open. Rigby also will sometimes station himself outside the door while Remy is eating, determined to terrorize her so she won’t come out.

All things considered, our solution has been a big success!

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