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When my friend and employee, John Green, told me his melanoma had returned, I had never heard of the disease.  This was in the early eighties and John was in his thirties.  He died. Before the decade was over, my father succumbed to melanoma, too.  He was 69.

Today, melanoma is not a strange disease someone else gets. It’s the deadliest form of skin cancer. Over 70,000 people have been diagnosed with it so far this year, and over 7,000 have died. It’s imperative to get an annual full body check so you can detect this insidious skin disease in its earliest stages.

It takes just minutes–and it could save your life.

Since melanoma is anything but pretty, Dr. Ellen Marmur has offered to give complimentary body checks at the FOF Beauty Bash, October 1 and 2, in New York. Associated with Mount Sinai Hospital, she is one of the most respected docs in the dermatological field and has performed extensive research on the development of melanoma vaccines.

Get a complimentary body check from Dr. Ellen Marmur

It’ll be one of the most beautiful things you can do for yourself.

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