Reading beauties

FOF sister, Shelley, and I just spent four glorious days on the Caribbean island of Turks & Caicos with our men.  We laughed endlessly, enjoyed huge (too huge!) buffet breakfasts and scrumptious dinners, talked about everything from Charlie Sheen to Libya and unions, shopped, and relaxed on the beach. Shelley and I also read like we were in a race. While she read Kristin Hannah’s Night Road, I was fixated on another of her books, Magic Hour. Then we swapped.

Shelley and Geri on the beach with our books

Shelley is a major league reader, and while I don’t read nearly as much as she does, I do love it when I get into a book.  We were introduced to Kristin’s books by our beloved FOF, which has a partnership with her publisher, St. Martin’s Press. St. Martin’s authors are hands-down FOF favorites because they speak to women about the things that matter to us most. The characters in Night Road are brilliantly drawn, and the story is so compelling, that I started to talk to Shelley about the lead character as if she were real. “Geri, it’s only a book. It’s not a true story,” Shelley laughed.

Notice how I kept my finger on my place, while I posed for this photo

I strongly recommend that you read about Kristin on our FOF Book Blog, and then get your hands—and eyes—on one of her books pronto.  Also be sure to enter our latest contest to win a book by another brilliant St. Martin’s author, Jeffrey Stepakoff.

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  1. Vera B says:

    Looks as though you guys had a wonderful time.

    My husband and I always have a book on CD playing in the truck when we are out and about. And he is as bad as I am about talking about the characters as if they were people we knew and commenting on what they should or should not have done. I love it that he gets into it like I do.


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