R&R with D&D

If it works for her, it can work for me, too.

Douglas, David and I went to a new shopping mall in Manhattan today, where Marshalls and Target were having their grand openings. As we wandered down the packed aisles, I chuckled to myself how great it is that D and D get along, especially considering one is my former husband, and the other, my current husband.

Douglas comes to dinner a couple of times a month and he joins us at family gatherings with my sisters and their families. We were together 20 years, married 30, and had two children, so he’s been an integral part of my life for a real long time. As an only child, he’s happy that he didn’t lose his extended family when we divorced.  He is unattached.

David is secure and unthreatened by my relationship with Douglas and generous of spirit to befriend him. He didn’t even mind when I went to Paris with Douglas and our son.

I know I’m a bit unconventional, but who says our current mates can’t like our exes, if we do? I’m happy that Douglas and I have a wonderful friendship, even though we didn’t have a wonderful marriage. I’m blessed that David accepts him into his life, too.

Besides, they make each other laugh, even if they’re joking about me. And neither takes issue when I call him by the other’s name.  I do it all the time.

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