Say “cheese”

Hugh Hefner falls into the category of men whom I classify as cheesy. Others who belong in the group include Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Qualifications for admission into the Cheesy Club include tacky suits, unattractive hair, white shirt cuffs and collar, cheating, bluster and bombastic behavior. Cheesy men usually think they’re pretty cool, for some inexplicable reason.

In happier times


Hugh’s cheese factor has been expanding for years. It came out, full force, when he lived with “The Girls Next Door,” who were  cheesecakes themselves.

Octogenarian Hugh was recently  fixin’ to marry a new girl, 25-year-old Crystal Harris, but she skipped out on him five days before the big day, and then proceeded to publicly put the bad mouth on his penile ability, according to an article in The New York Post, a cheesy newspaper, but sure fun to read. Hugh, in turn, wasn’t taking Crystal’s statements lightly. He shot back and said she was living in a dream world, that he must have performed pretty well, because she stayed for two more nights. “I’ve never seen Hef naked,” Crystal also said.

Hugh should think seriously about stopping his Playboy charade.  It’s boorish, embarrassing and anything but sexy.



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