Say Cheese-y

I was never a burn-your-bra feminist type or a Betty Friedan fan, although I did date one of her good friends for about 15 minutes.

Imagine whose head she would have turned in a Miraculous Push-Up Bra
Imagine whose head she would have turned in a Miraculous Push-Up Bra

But, the Victoria’s Secret obsession with turning women into “bombshells” is a turn-off.  Did you know that its Miraculous Push-Up bra lifts your bosom so it’s practically in your mouth? Put it on and “get ready to turns heads and get used to attention,” a VS video brags. Never mind the 22 pounds of foam* and feeling as if you’re going to topple over in a strong wind. That’s not important, just as long as you’re turning heads before you drop to the ground.

And have you heard about Nars Orgasm line that “melts into your skin to bring out the best in you?”

I know these companies want to press a “hot button”  (excuse the pun) with millions of young women. I’m glad I’m FOF and don’t have to worry about turning heads with my cleavage. I never had much cleavage, but somehow I managed to do pretty well in the turning-heads department.

Personally, I’ve always thought women with small boobs who don’t wear bras are the sexiest. As for orgasms, makeup never helped.

* Geri Brin hyperbole

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  1. Geri says:

    🙂 Funny comment Maureen

  2. Maureen@IslandRoar says:

    I thought everyone liked their own boobs schmooshed in their face.
    Isn’t that like a Freudian thing or something??


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