She anchored all of us

When FOF launched in February, we honored Kaity Tong, local New York anchorwoman, as FOF of the year.  Kaity is warm, philanthropic, smart smart smart, upbeat, a wonderful mom, poised, polished and beautiful. I’d love for you to read her interview on FOF.


David and I watched Kaity on the 10 p.m. news most every night and we felt as if she was our friend. As a matter of fact, that’s just what she became during the last seven months. Kaity doesn’t have a pretentious bone in her petite body.  She couldn’t have been friendlier with the waiter who recognized her when we had dinner together, or with my 20-year-old nephew, who joined us.  She and Max spoke Chinese, and she praised him highly for his accent.

New management at the station wanted to shake things up and inject new blood into the mix (new management usually has a burning need to assert itself this way), so it recently hired a new anchorwoman and put Kaity in the field, a euphemism for out to pasture. She’s now reporting from the boroughs.

The hour-newscast is a mess, a real mess. In a word, it’s schizophrenic. I am all in favor of giving opportunity to younger women (I’ve been doing it for years), but the new anchorwoman should take lessons from Kaity. The format is jumpy, jumbled and jerky. The set is over-designed. The graphics are poor.

Viewers by the score have been complaining about the changes, on Kaity’s blog, on the station website, and elsewhere. Many have stopped watching the show. WPIX can count me out, too, if they don’t rectify its mistake. If Coke can admit it was wrong, so can WPIX.

Bring Kaity back. When you’ve got an FOF like her, you’re a fool to count on anyone else.

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7 Responses to “She anchored all of us”

  1. David Rodriguez says:

    I know how to shake up the poorly new designed broadcast,
    bring back Kaity and have her share the spot light with Tamsen. Two lovely and smart ladies will bring the ratings back up!

    Thank you

    • Geri says:

      Hi David,

      Why don’t you tell the station your idea. I can put you in touch with Kaity. Email me at and tell me how to reach you.


  2. Dennis Devore says:

    Kaity, watch you on pix every chance I get Miss your broadcasts nightly. Wish you were broadcasting nightly again. You are so beautiful both inside and out. Thanks for the picture Dennis D.

  3. Elle says:

    “. . . doesn’t have an unpretentious bone in her . . . ” Ummm, where’s the copy editor? I think you were trying to say that she IS unpretentious, yes?

    • Geri says:

      Hi Elle,

      OMG, you are so right. I changed it. Thank you. I don’t know how I let that slip by. I am my own copyeditor. 🙁


  4. Toby Wollin says:

    …Because remember, after the age of 40, all of a woman’s brains leak out of her ears, and she becomes this raging torrent of hormonal destruction. Yep. The only thing to do with effective mature intelligent women is to throw them out the door, under the bus and bring in someone who’s younger. A lot younger. Because younger is ALWAYS better, right? I have a very good friend in the media research end of things who this happened to two years ago. She was no longer ‘a team player’, not ‘strategic enough’. They had to bring in someone with fresh ideas, someone …young..someone …male. So, she negotiated her way out the door (‘make it worth my while’), has been very busy independently — and heard recently that her replacement is…not working out.
    Yep – experienced, mature, intelligent ,effective women. Not worth keeping around. Nope. Not at all.

  5. lina says:

    I had no idea! that really stinks. Bring back, Kaity!


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