She’s got the law on her side

Myra Bradwell, America's first woman lawyer, was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1890, although she passed the bar exam years earlier

Congratulations to my FOF friend, Jill, whose daughter, Devon, learned yesterday that she passed the bar exam.

Jill works at one of my company’s former accounts and we hit it off immediately. She’s honest, hard working, smart, responsible and real. She’s a good daughter and a great mother, who raised Devon and her brother on her own.

When Jill told me a few years ago that Devon was looking for a summer job in a law firm, I told David he should hire her. “You know I always hire young women from Loyola,” (where he went to law school in New Orleans) he said.

“Make an exception,” I urged in my best Geri Brin pushy mode. “Her mom is wonderful, so she’s got to be, too.” I love helping  FOF friends and their kids.

David interviewed Devon and it was love at first site. She worked for him when she was in law school and here and there throughout the year. Now she’s with David full time. Devon is every bit as real and hard working as her mom. David’s clients adore her. When David and I went to Devon’s graduation dinner, Jill was thrilled to see her daughter’s great accomplishment.  We were thrilled for both of them.

David said Devon was ecstatic yesterday when she got the news about passing the bar.

Well done, Devon. Well done, Jill.

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  1. Jeanne Molloy says:

    Thank you very much for the wonderful blog. As the aunt of Devon and sister of Jill, I want to tell you how moving your sentiment was and very much appreciated it was. We couldn’t be more happy for her and her future!

  2. Jill says:

    Geri – Thank you so much. I am so proud of Devon and so thankful for you and David. Life is good, Love ya, Jill


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