Something to think about…

I am having such fun browsing through FOF profiles in our new community section. We are fantastic women, with exciting (and sometimes, unusual) careers, passions and an appreciation of life.

Laurel lives in Windyville, MO, and notes on her profile that she’s an expert in “dream interpretation, visualization, universal law, and spiritual disciplines like concentration and meditation.”

I wanted to Google the town since it has such a cute name. Some people think it’s a ghost town, one website said. More curious than ever, I sent Laurel a message asking about Windyville. She responded:

“Windyville is in Missouri, not far from Springfield.  It is the home of the School of Metaphysics World Headquarters and the College of Metaphysics, an intentional community for people dedicated to living metaphysical/spiritual principles.  We have a course of study taught in 15 Midwest cities, online study for people around the world, and weekend retreats in Windyville.  Maybe you’d like to attend one!  The school has three websites:,, and

I am fascinated by this stuff, especially metaphysics, which deals with the connection between the physical world and our minds, bodies and spirits. The goal of metaphysical study is to help us understand the mysteries of life and develop peace of mind.

“Spending some time each day in silence and contemplation is nourishing and regenerating,” Laurel says in her profile. It’s something to consider, especially if you live in New York.

Check out Laurel’s profile (type Laurel in the search bar) and make sure your profile is up to date, too!

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  1. cathy paul says:

    I am probably the truest form of New Yorker born and bred, – I walk everywhere, cannot stand commuting or being more than 10 minutes from where I work, could not live or be anywhere in the world. When I was 12 I arrived in school on 68/Lexington, walked over to Madison Avenue -looked right and then left, and realized this was where I belonged, all my live lessons came her(except for Paris/London) Hopefully one day I will actually live on Madison…CLP


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