Thank you, Shirley Wexner

If you’re in the vicinity of Memphis, TN, head to Joseph and find Shirley Wexner, who owns and oversees the magnificent store. Shirley is one of the quickest, sharpest, coolest, most charming FOF women I’ve met as we’ve been building the site. You’ll meet her on February 18th, our official launch date.

I was thrilled when Shirley agreed to be part of FOF, along with her shop. And when I interviewed her, I understood why Joseph has such an outstanding reputation. Shirley is quick, sharp, cool, charming, and tres chic.

Shirley also is giving. Look what she created and installed in the window of Joseph: A gigantic poster promoting FOF.  She’s with Lucy Lee (center) and Babbie Lovett (right), two friends, valued customers and ultra FOF women.  You’ll also meet them on the site.

I didn’t ask Shirley to do this.  She came up with the idea and ran with it. When FOF women like Shirley Wexner are on your side, you can’t lose.

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