Thanksgiving 2011

This photo I took at Thanksgiving reminded me of Norman Rockwell’s famous painting, minus the turkey. Every year, we go to my sister Heidi’s home. This was the “kiddie” table, but a few FOFs (men, too) planted themselves there.


A fraction of the delicious and beautiful food.

Beautiful flowers and Spanish Marcona almonds. YUM.

My son and son-in-law with my daughter

The just-cooked beignets were as good, maybe even better, than the ones in New Orleans!

This doesn’t need a caption

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  1. Terry Perl says:

    Just what I was going to say, Lina. The hostess was making beignets the night I met your Dad. Not sure which made a bigger impression at the time.

    • Geri says:

      haha terry!

  2. lina says:

    happy thanksgiving, g! I am jealous of those beignets 🙂


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