The biggest gift of all

An old man behind us in the movie ticket line today seemed a bit tipsy, but then I realized his poor vision made him disoriented. So I gently took his arm and guided him around the ropes.  He seemed grateful.

The theatre was packed with families and friends celebrating the holiday together.  Young couples with kids waiting for Avatar, FOF women on line for It’s Complicated, groups of twenty somethings heading to Sherlock Holmes. I imagined them all sitting down to Christmas dinners after their movies.

It saddens me to think of the man on line, all alone. I wonder where he went later in the day. Part of being FOF is seeing those around me in new ways. I’m not even sure I would have spotted the man earlier in my life. We’re so wrapped up in ourselves when we’re young.

We are blessed when we can share our lives with others.  We are blessed to be able to offer our help, even when it’s just to guide a man on a movie line. I wish I had helped him find a seat in the movie.

We don’t want or need credit for anything we do.  That’s the biggest gift of all.

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