“Daddy, I got a job!”

Nicole and Adam

David and I went to my sister Shelley’s in Staten Island today for a July 5th barbecue to celebrate my nephew Adam’s 33 birthday.  Adam’s girlfriend, Nicole, was there, too. She just graduated from college and will begin working tomorrow for The Trump Organization as assistant manager of the Trump Store in Trump Towers (that’s a lot of Trumps!)

Two weeks ago, right after Nicole moved in with Adam, he told her to put on a suit, go to Manhattan and distribute her resumes to all the upscale shops on Madison Avenue. Nicole did as instructed, and within days, she had multiple interviews lined up, followed by multiple job offers.

It is exciting to see a beautiful young woman embarking on a career. I remember my job hunt a gazillion years ago and my first job offer as an editorial assistant at Where Magazine (which still exists, by the way). “Your salary will be $100 a week,” Miss Allen told me. “Can I get $105? I am getting married in a few months,” I asked.  Miss Allen readily agreed to my request. I walked out of the building on cloud nine. I got a job! I ran across the street to a restaurant called Schrafft’s and called my father to tell him the good news.

I am now thinking about the course of my working life; the bosses I loved and despised, the things that came easy and those that didn’t come at all; the employees who exasperated me and the ones who wished I’d disappear. I wouldn’t want to go back to the beginning at all, and even if I could, I would do it all the same way, including the mistakes. I ‘m not done yet and I can’t wait to see what the next years will bring.

I wish Nicole, and every other young woman, great success in their careers. Women have made great strides since the day I called my dad with news of my job offer. I have no doubt that they will continue to forge ahead, as only women can do.

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3 Responses to ““Daddy, I got a job!””

  1. Laura Andlauer says:

    Such a good blog about Quennie:) I too have been wondering which way she was leaning in regards to passing the torch to her son as the rightful heir or skipping a generation and letting Prince William have at it. She may yet live another 15 years or more if her family genes have anything to say about it:) Who knows what she will decide-hopefully will make a decision in the next year!

  2. Maureen@IslandRoar says:

    How exciting for her! I’m so impressed you asked for more money right away, good for you! And I used to love Schrafft’s.

  3. Nicole says:

    Awwww Gerr, how thoughtful are you? Wow.
    I couldn’t have done it without your wonderful Nephew, Adam, as we know, I listened to his instructions, because “most” of the time he’s usually right. Haha. I am very excited 🙂

    It was a real pleasure seeing you and David today, you two really bring a smile to my face.

    I had a great day and am so excited that we made plans for My Mom, Shell, you and I to all get together soon. Can’t wait!


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