The fantasy life of Geri Brin

Question:  How come I can watch the movie Pretty Woman over and over without getting tired of it?

Answer: Fantasies are fantastic. What could be better than a macho, uber successful, stunning man flipping over a beautful, smart hooker with a hear of gold and deciding to give up his self-centered life for her love. I am transposed into Vivian for two whole hours. A man is giving me money to buy clothes on Rodeo Drive, having passionate sex with me in an elegant hotel suite that’s bigger than my apartment, and introducing me to fascinating food, culture and people.

Imagine, one single man capable of giving so much to one single woman! Edgar gave me his credit card briefly after we met, but took it back when he thought I was charging too much on it (and I was no where near Beverly Hills). Douglas taught me a lot about art, but wasn’t big on passionate sex. And most of the fascinating people I’ve met through David are former clients who spent some time in jail (he’s a criminal attorney.)

On the other hand, I guess I’ve gotten what I needed in each of my relationships. Besides, I’ve earned the money to buy my own clothes. Some of the greatest museums and restaurants in the world are all around me. And I’ve met–and continue to meet–fabulous people through my career.

I can’t complain. Nevertheless, I’ll take a good fantasy any day of the week. So would Julia Roberts, I assume.

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