“The FOFs Are Coming! The FOFs Are Coming!”

The Internet would have saved Paul Revere a great deal of wear and tear.  Instead of riding horseback on the evening of April 18, 1775, from Charlestown to Lexington, MA, to spread the word that “The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming!” he could have emailed.

Lucky for us, we now have this fast method of communicating, but we must use it wisely. We all get far too many sales pitches, pass-this-on requests, and assorted spam to waste any more time reading another worthless email.

When FOF sends an email, we want it to be worthwhile for you, whether it’s a fab giveaway or really meaningful content, such as news about a potential vaccine to prevent breast cancer.

I think the email we’re sending out tomorrow is really cool.  Here’s a sneak preview:

So go to faboverfifty.com, starting around 10 am tomorrow (East Coast time) and start telling all your friends about the site. Wouldn’t it be nice to send fifty of them a $100 gift certificate to our cool new shop?

FOF has 35,000 members now. With the help of every one of you, we can make that 350,000.

It’s our way to thank you for your loyalty to FOF and to thank your friends for joining.

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