The son also rises

A close FOFriend had a run in with high blood pressure last week. She became so dizzy, she couldn’t stand up without feeling the room spinning.  She’s been on blood pressure meds for years, but hadn’t had a complete physical in over a year.  Her meds have since been adjusted and her pressure is under control. She also learned her cholesterol is high and she needs to be in better shape.

Anyway, her son, who is getting married next month, wrote her the following email:

“You will be fine. You’ll feel like new soon and you’ll be giving dad some fun again. Try not to worry. Focus on enhancing your diet and implementing a daily exercise routine. I won’t let anything happen to you. You can count on me! I guess that’s just me being selfish because I couldn’t imagine my life without you here and healthy. None of us could. Exercise is key. It can be fun, too. I’m going to get you an iPod and I’ll put all of your favorite songs on it (start making a list). I’ll get you some cozy exercise clothes as well. Walking is great. You and dad should walk together as often as possible. We can all explore some fun neighborhoods together in Brooklyn and Manhattan. You’ll feel better physically and mentally. Only six weeks left to get in shape for when we dance together at the wedding. You’ll also need to be in great shape when your grandchildren are running around your house. So much to look forward to! It’s all going to be so much fun. I love you so so so much!?”

Wow! And it’s not even Mother’s Day.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Yeah….that mother must be very special and perfect, as is her son… and his soon-to-be wife… What a wonderful family.

  2. Kate Line Snider says:

    To raise such a sweet, supportive son, this woman must be a WONDERFUL mother ,the kind we all wish we had, and the kind we all want to be! I hope they both know how lucky they are!

    P.S. His new wife is equally blessed. Best wishes to all!

    • Geri says:

      I second that Kate!


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