Then there were six

A beautiful piece of coral

David and I spent the weekend with my two sisters and their husbands at youngest sister’s wonderful, new Florida home.

It was the first time all have us have been on vacation together because our lifestyles, jobs, kids’ ages, and other factors, prevented it.

Although the six of us dined as a group every evening, we were never all together during the day. David swam an hour every morning, then sunned himself non-stop; Brian fixed his ailing computer, went to pilates and biked with Heidi and hung paintings with Rusty; Shelley, Heidi and I walked every morning for an hour; Heidi, Brian, David and I went to the beach; Shelley, Rusty, Heidi and Brian went shopping for housewares and food; Heidi, David and I went  shopping for exotic shells for her new home.

No matter what we did and with whom we did it, it was a treat to be under the same roof with everyone much of the weekend. I especially loved coming downstairs in the morning to have coffee and chat with my sisters. Dinners were delicious and conversations were lively.

Shelley and Rusty went back to New York via the auto train, since they drove down South; David and I took the plane back, and Heidi and Brian are staying in Florida for a two-week vacation.

I kept thinking of our mom during the three days. Although she wasn’t a big fan of Florida, I know she would have been thrilled her daughters were there together. No matter what separates us during our lives, our DNA joins us.

Rusty and Shelley


Heidi found these "three sisters" in South Africa
The other three sisters: Geri (oldest), Shelley (middle sister), Heidi (the baby)
View of the bay from the back of the house

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  1. Vera J says:

    Geri!! Am I doing something wrong? I can’t find your blog in the menu bar this morning. Has it been moved?


  2. Cecile says:

    Good morning!

    Oh my… tha is a great view… I think it is around where I live… my apt is on the bay and the houses, and the area look awfully familiar… Tha IS a gorgeous area… secluded, quiet and great neighbors… I am glad you enjoyed it..



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