These Are A “Few” Of My Favorite Things

Taking A Spin

I have two of these easy-glide turntables in the pantry for jars of spices, sauces and other foods; one on top of the counter for the salt and pepper shakers, olive oil and vinegar, and one under the sink for cleaning supplies. It maximizes storage space and keeps me organized, while putting everything I need within easy reach. A substantial rim prevents items from falling off.

Getting Into Scrapes

One side of this flexible silicone tool is shaped like a spoon and the other is flat, making it an invaluable kitchen sidekick. I use it to easily scoop out slippery jams and jellies, spread butter and soft cheese, scrape the last bit of mayo from the jar, mix oatmeal while it’s cooking, and for countless other tasks. It breezily works its way around the sides of pans when I’m making sauces, and helps me scrape out every last bit of food from the blender.

Will You Be My Caddy?

I loved this four-compartment bamboo caddy so much, I ran out and bought another one. I use it to hold my flatware and some knives, but you also could fill it with napkins, serving utensils, corkscrews and salad tongs. A swinging handle lets you easily bring the caddy right to the buffet table or outside for dining al fresco. I will never put my flatware in a drawer again.

Love At First Squeeze!

Whether I’m whipping up a lemon meringue pie, or simply want a splash of lemon juice in my iced tea, I grab this utterly fabulous lemon squeezer. It works like a dream, extracting every last drop of juice from lemons, and limes. It always leaves the pits behind, so I don’t have to fish them out of the bowl of juice.

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  1. Shalilah Russell says:

    It,s good to get excited about something you like. It gives you energy.

    • GeriFOF says:

      I agree, Shalilah. I love having wonderful things to enjoy in my home.


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