Things Are Getting Downright ‘Ugly’

Kathy Griffin. Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

I bet just seeing the names of these two women brings out a big bundle of emotions.  

Perhaps Sarah’s consistent lies, constant frown, and nasty attitude literally make you sick to your stomach.  Or maybe you believe she’s the best White House press secretary ever, and think it’s really cool when she castigates reporters and tells them that they’re only smart enough to grasp simple sentences.  You’re delighted she was booted from a restaurant in Virginia. Or, you pray the restaurant goes out of business.

Possibly you’re tickled pink that Kathy’s career tanked after she disrespected the man who is president. Or perhaps you’re thrilled she stood up for her beliefs, and held his “fake” bloodied and severed head in the palm of her hands.

We’re each entitled, of course, to our own opinions.  It’s a free country. Right?

photo from the We Love Sarah Huckabee Sanders Facebook page

But how can any woman, in good conscience, turn around and make demeaning comments about Kathy or Sarah that she’d condemn another woman for making? Especially when it comes to Kathy or Sarah’s “appearance?” To wit, a staunch Republican woman I know believes it’s “hateful” when anyone “slams Sarah on her looks,” but wrote on her Facebook page that Kathy “should sue her plastic surgeon.” When she was called out about criticizing Kathy’s looks, she defensively responded: Just commenting on the poor work her doc did. Not her fault that her doc did such a lousy job. She should get her money back. Seriously, she has said as much and I agree!”  

Why couldn’t this woman just admit her blatant hypocrisy?  Why? Because we’ve entered an appalling time in America, when malice trumps civility; when emotion trumps reason; why lies trump facts. And, no matter which side of the fence you’re on, you must let civility, reason and facts triumph. Because, without them, we are no longer the United States of America.

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  1. İzmit Kurye says:

    izmit moto kurye,

  2. Pat Pierce says:

    I completely agree with your premise. Anyone, man or woman, who thinks that it’s ok to call Ivanka Trump (who, until her Father became President was society’s example of what a young woman should be) a cunt or that Peter Fonda’s tweets were ok has lost their moral compass.

    It was ok for people to protest in front of The Red Hen but not o.k. to throw chicken feces. As he should have been, that man was arrested.

    You, yourself, are commenting on Sarah Sanders’ appearance and integrity under the guise of journalism. Watch, actually watch, her press briefings for a week and, if you’re intellectually honest, you may begin to agree with the “understanding short sentences” statement. And isn’t there a more appropriate way to stand up for your beliefs than holding a bloodied severed head of anyone? The question that hangs out there always is “what if that had been the head of Barack Obama” or what if Michelle or Malia had been called a cunt? Would the press response or the progressive response have been the same-honest answer please?

    You’re very brave to bring politics into a forum. The real answer is that each of us needs to treat others the way we want to be treated and that we respect that others have different opinions than we do. In a very short time the American people will have the opportunity to make their political choices again. For some reason in all the vitriol that fact is overlooked and under appreciated.


    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Pat,

      I appreciate your thoughtful comment.



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