This girl is a dog’s (a cat’s, a bird’s…) best friend

FOFriend Jill Wilt has a fab 20-something daughter, Devon, who’s a lawyer.  When Devon sets out to accomplish something, she does it with gusto. A pet lover, Devon recently joined Team ASPCA, a national fundraising program to fight and prevent cruelty to animals. She will run in the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon on July 22 and needs to raise $3,000 within the next few weeks. (She’s about a third of the way there.)

Devon and Moose

I believe it’s our obligation to help support others’ noble goals any way we can, especially young women like Devon. So when she asked if I’d put a link on my blog to her ASPCA page (“I’m struggling to think of ways to raise money other than to beg…which…well…if I must…haha…”she joked), I wanted to blog about her and her mission.

You don’t have to own pets to understand that sick people often abuse them, too. And since dogs and cats don’t have a “voice,” ASPCA has never wavered from being their voice since it was founded in 1866.

I asked Devon about her attachment to animals: “I grew up with a household full of pets. And unfortunately for my mom, I’d bring home any kitten or dog that I found in the neighborhood and she didn’t have it in her to tell me I couldn’t keep it.

“I don’t really know how to explain why I’m so fond of animals.  Maybe it’s because some of my fondest memories growing up involve my pets and I learned a lot about what it means to care for something. It doesn’t hurt that your pets have undying and unwavering love and affection for you.  And they don’t argue with you about cleaning your room.

“I’m doing this fundraiser because I truly don’t think I’d be the same person if my mom hadn’t adopted Ramon, Sylvia, Walter, Frank, Rascal and Joey from the ASPCA.  I think it’s important to let others know how enriching it is to have a pet that you’ve rescued from harm.”

If you’d like to support Devon’s efforts, here’s how.

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