Waste not, want not

Let's get rid of this kind of waste

The newspapers are bursting with brochures, flyers and catalogs for holiday sales. I find it hard to believe that anyone would spend 12 seconds looking through these unappealing piles, when everything is on sale in every store, anyway. Why are retailers printing all this waste, especially when the money they spend on it can be used for worthwhile causes all over the world?

Why doesn’t Toys ‘r Us clothe kids in Haiti?

Why doesn’t Wal-Mart feed families or build houses in New Orleans?

Why doesn’t Petco give food to animals in shelters across the country?

Why doesn’t CVS donate medicine to people in Sierra Leone?

Many retailers make grandstands throughout the year about being socially conscious, but wouldn’t it be especially giving, not to mention courageous, if they put an end to these trillions of cheesy Christmas flyers? Hardcover books are yesterday’s news; magazines are disappearing off the newsstands. Why aren’t these pieces of holiday hoopla going away, too? At least, a book is forever.  A Toys ‘r Us Christmas catalog is for the garbage pail.

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One Response to “Waste not, want not”

  1. Sharon Nord says:

    It is a horrible waste. Sometimes this time of year I can hardly carry all that paper from the mailbox – it’s heartbreaking actually. I am making my way through Opt Out of Catalogs – save a tree.



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