We can do anything

We had a get-together for FOFs last night, at the gym where I do vibration training, and there I met Deborah Chase, a long-time health, fashion and beauty writer (she’s authored numerous books). We got to talking, as all FOFs are wont to do, and it turns out that Deb and I were undergraduates at NYU at the same time, studying journalism. We reminisced about our professors and filled each other in about our careers.

FOFriend Jenni trying out vibration training



Deborah Chase testing sunscreen for her cool and ultra-sensible blog

Deb is now studying new media and is leaving for Seattle to learn how to create apps from some tech gurus. She writes a fun blog (part of a school project) and belongs to a consortium of blogs targeted at women over forty. She was brimming with ideas how we can work together and we plan to meet when she returns from her trip.

I love meeting women like Deb because it confirms to me-over and over-that I am a member of the greatest generation of women in history.

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  1. Pam @over50feeling40 says:

    We are members of the greatest generation and living exciting times! There is so much for ladies like us to accomplish! I cannot wait to see what you girls come up with! One of my high school journalism students is about to graduate from NYU with a journalism degree!


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