We’d vote for her, too!

Shelley received this email earlier today, along with the photo below, from Lauren Monahan, a new FOF member: “I just found this site, and I’m so glad I did. It’s about time the 50 something’s got their due! Thanks for this – I’m proud to be my age, 58 – in fact, I still try to strut around in a glam fashion when I get the chance.  I compete in beauty pageants with 30 year olds, and it ain’t easy! Thanks for a great looking site.”

We thought Lauren looked great, and (of course) we loved her praise, so we decided to find out more about her.

FOF: How do you stay in shape?

Lauren: “I try to walk and take the stairs whenever I can.  I also have light hand weights sitting by my chair, so when I see them, I stand up and use them.

I try to watch my weight by eating healthy, but I also don’t deny myself goodies when I want them.  It’s all about common sense (and trust me, I weighed 250 pounds seven years ago, so I know how to keep it off!)”

FOF: What pageants have you entered/won?

Lauren: “I’ve entered too many to list – it’s my hobby, but I have been Mrs. Tennessee United States, Mrs. Puerto Rico International, Mrs. All American, and many others.  I’ve traveled to Las Vegas, Mexico, California, New York and other glamorous locations. I started when I was 17 and entered the Miss Florida Pageant for scholarship reasons.  I am currently the Ambassador for the Ms. World International Pageant that will be held in Toronto, Canada in 2012.  The pageant is for women 35 and older, and will include competition in interview, swimsuit, haute couture fashion and evening gowns.”

FOF: Are you married?

Lauren: “Yes, and happily for 11 years.  My husband and I went to high school together in Puerto Rico, didn’t know each other well, but met again at our reunion in 1998.  He was captain of the football team and I was captain of the cheerleaders. We got married in 1999 in Las Vegas. It was the best thing that ever happened to both of us.

FOF: Do you have children?

Lauren: “None of my own, but I have three wonderful stepsons.”

FOF: Where do you live?

Lauren: “Knoxville, TN   I’m originally from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

FOF: Do you work?

Lauren: “I’ve worked for 35 years in local government and was in the US Coast Guard for two years.

FOF: What are your passions?

Lauren: “I am the director of a 50+ senior citizens activity center in Knoxville, TN.  One of my passions is working to find programs, activities and wellness awareness for this group.  My center has over 18 fitness related classes, along with belly dancing, tap, line dancing and more.  I enjoy seeing everyone alive with activity and desire to stay fit, active and confident. I’m also an animal person.  I have complete empathy for any animal, and will do anything to comfort and support them.”

FOF: What is your favorite moisturizer?

Lauren: “I use Olay products for every day. I love the Regenerist line.”

FOF: To what do you attribute your overall good looks?

Lauren: “Besides being grateful for my mother’s genes, I attribute my looks to lots of sleep, no smoking or drinking, an athletic upbringing (I played college sports), knowing my body, and taking care of my skin.  Having lived in the Caribbean as a teen, it’s surprising that the damage to my skin wasn’t worse.

FOF: What do you do to relax?

Lauren: “Sit around with my five cats, working on a sparkly costume for my next pageant, or flying off to some exotic beach location.”

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