What’s YOUR (Short) Story?

When women get together, whether we saw each other yesterday or many yesterdays ago, we undoubtedly have “stories” to tell. We can flit from subject to subject without skipping a beat, or taking a breath.

Now, I’ll tell you one of my stories. Here goes:

I went into labor in the early afternoon of Friday, October 30, 1981, and gave birth to our daughter, Simone, at around 3 pm. My doctor shuttled between my room and someone else’s, to deliver another baby.

The next day, my best friend, Linda, called me at the hospital and breathlessly said: “Do you know who also had a baby there yesterday? Ivana Trump!” Sure enough, Dr. Porges was delivering Ivanka Trump around the same time he was helping to bring Simone into the world.

A few years later, I was at a press event for the opening of a new gourmet food store in Manhattan, when I spotted Mr. and Mrs. Trump. Not being a blushing violet, I went up to them and told them that Simone and Ivanka were born in the same hospital, at the same time, with the same doctor. Ivana was charming. Her husband didn’t even look at me and didn’t say a word.

End of story.

Now tell us one of your stories, ANY STORY that involves you. It can be funny or lighthearted, dramatic or traumatic. It’s your story, and FabOverFifty would love to publish it.  

Please limit your story to around 150 words.  Longer stories will not be considered!

NOTE: By submitting your story and image, you give FabOverFifty the right to publicly publish them.

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