When snow is sensational

An art dealer once told me that everyone loves photographs and paintings of snow scenes. Count me in on that one! There isn’t a snow picture I see that doesn’t make me feel peaceful and quiet. They’re so embracing and comforting. I can see myself sitting in front of a window looking out at the falling snow, feeling all cozy and warm, sipping a cappuccino, a cashmere throw on my lap (of course).

Here are a few photos from around the web that I love.

Isn’t this curtain lovely against the snow?

Ansel Adams, Branches in Snow (1932)

Martin Lewis, Stoops in the Snow (1930)

The Hunters in the Snow, Pieter Bruegel, 1565

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One Response to “When snow is sensational”

  1. Toby Wollin says:

    Snow is very beautiful when you are really young. When you have to get into a car and drive in it to get someplace, though, it becomes very scary. I have memories from when I was little when we had winters where the piles of shoveled snow were above my father’s head and driving on the country roads was like entering a snow filled tunnel. When you can stay inside and look outside at it, when you have plenty to eat in the house, and electricity and heat, it is wonderful. But to have to go outside and shovel out a driveway or battle our way up the hill to the barn with buckets of water (which would inevitably end up slopping down our pants and freezing there), it’s not fun at all.


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