Where have you been, Jane?

Jane doesn't think we exercise enough. Hmm...

I just heard that 72-year-old Jane Fonda is coming out with a new exercise DVD in 2011 aimed at FOF women who have stopped working out or have never exercised. Jane reportedly thinks we’ve been left out and she wants to inspire us to get in shape.

I’m wondering where Jane has been the last few years. How is it that she doesn’t know that the FOF generation is exercising all the time? Every single FOF woman we interviewed told us she loves to exercise: Yoga, pilates, swimming, walking, dancing, skiing, biking, aerobics, and more.

Jane’s last video was in 1995.  She credits genes for 30 per cent of her good looks, good sex to another 30 per cent, and sports and a healthy lifestyle to another 30 percent. “I have to thank my plastic surgeon for the remaining 10 percent,” she was reported as saying. “I’m happier, the sex is better and I understand life better. I don’t want to be young again.”

I’ve always admired Jane Fonda, even when she was an overly vocal anti-Vietnam activist. I still admire her and think she’s a hot-looking woman. I do hope she and her DVD producer logon to faboverfifty.com when we launch in a few weeks so they can learn just who FOF women really are.

They might even want to use FOF women to film her DVD.

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  1. Geri says:

    Hi Nomi,

    over 90 percent of the women i interviewed do exercise. But i am now changing my mind as I get more comments that they applaud Jane’s project.


  2. Nomi says:

    I for one applaud this new project of Jane’s. Are you serious that all, 100%, every single one of the FOF ladies you’ve met exercise so religiously? Come on, we are all pre-Title-9 girls: the odds are there were no girls’ sports in our high schools & precious little at our colleges. I for one never played sports; gym class in high school was folk dance; and I was too busy with various careers & my kids to exercise for exercise’s sake. A few times in my 40s, I tried lifting weights & running; and I still hate it hate it HATE IT like poison. The jogging made me sick to my stomach & incontinent, plus I had to sacrifice sleep time to fit it in, so overall, I felt worse. I do recall watching wistfully as my girls played soccer and wishing there was some way old ladies like me could learn some team sports & play them safely the way coaches gently drill little kids, but so far I haven’t found any such venue. There are a few recreational soccer teams for “older” people in my area (Baltimore-DC), but the average age seems to be 35, and they assume you already understand the rules of the game and the physical concepts of how to move. If Jane can motivate us never-exercisers, that would be great! But I’d still love to find some kind of “beginner’s team sports for aging nonplayers” venue.

  3. Greet says:

    I love the way Jane looks at her age!! It is ok to me if she brings out a new video! A few years ago I wouldn’t have noticed her videos , but at this time I am searching for videos as hers!

  4. Maravonda says:

    Hi Geri! If she does it right, a new video is not a bad idea. I am a nurse, I work all day and then collapse into a chair at night…have not exercised in years, and am paying the price with muscle loss, weakness, weight gain and joint pain. I work in a rehab/long term care setting, and I have one fear: falling into the mess that is health care as a patient. But do I treat my body well to avoid it? No. So….we know her, we like her, and if Jane can get a few of us who are in this position up off our butts, it is a good thing. And she will probably make a ton of money from it, whether it is done well or not, but that is another matter….

  5. Duchesse says:

    While we may exercise, I know there’s a shortage of instructors (for those of us in classes) who can lead a good workout for 50+ women. I also know women swamped with eldercare and demanding jobs who would like a good DVD for times when they can’t get out the door.

    But I *really* doubt Jane’s percentages. And while good sex makes you happier and does good things for overall health, I know plenty of gorgeous women 50+ who are not having much sex these days, for various reasons. I’d say Jane had the genes, preserved her looks with surgery and procedures and has the iron discipline of a pro.


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