Where there’s a will, there’s a kate

My latest obsession is thinking of the newlyweds, Kate and Will. The royal factor, good looks and intelligence aside, the couple has something important going for it: Friendship. They’ve known each other for a decade, weathered stormy times, and come through it all, still in love. Wedding watchers hoped for a more passionate kiss on the balcony, but their “kiss” had much more significance to me because it seemed genuinely tender and loving. The way their eyes met throughout the ceremony, and after, showed a far deeper connection than any kiss could mean. Besides, just look at the darling grins on their faces during the kiss.

I have a feeling Kate and Will are going to enjoy an extraordinary life together that privilege cannot buy. I have no idea whether the British monarchy will survive the next hundred years, but it appears that this new couple will do a jolly good job of taking it in a direction it needs to go. They seem grounded and unpretentious. There’s no reason sense and sensibility can’t mingle with pomp and circumstance.

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