Which would YOU prefer: Thinning hair or at thickening waist?

A FOF woman sitting across from me in the subway had such thin hair her scalp was visible. She was impeccably dressed and had a trim figure, but her hair (or lack of it) detracted from her over-all appearance.  At least, that’s what I thought.  Clearly, she didn’t seem to mind at all.  I don’t care whether I have the same amount of hair I had when I was 20, but I’d prefer not to see my scalp.

Funny how we all concentrate on different things and can also be full of contradictions:

One FOF is happy to let her hair go gray, but she colors her eyebrows.

Another buys a limited selection of expensive clothes and doesn’t mind wearing the same sweater, shirt or slacks twice in one week, but she owns more eyeglass frames than Lenscrafters.

A third FOF doesn’t lose sleep about her under-eye darkness…

…but she goes crazy when she breaks a nail or chips her polish

One FOF must wear feminine nightwear…

…but her daytime outfit of choice is sweats and a tee.

A fifth hasn’t changed her hairstyle in years, but she changes her fashion style every season.

I wonder if the woman I saw on the subway ever sees her hair the way I saw it.  And is she more secure than I because it doesn’t bother her the way it would bother me?  Then again, I’m heftier than she was, so maybe she looked at me and thought: “That FOF should lose some weight.”




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  1. Kate Line Snider says:

    I am in good health, am able to exercise some, and I have nice skin, and look younger than my age. I don’t dwell on the not-so-perfect stuff! Since my ex-husband, and a number of people I knew when I was young are dead, I feel lucky to be here, able to enjoy it all. What a blessing!

  2. Duchesse says:

    When I feel a pang about waist or hair etc. I only need to think of beloved friends who are no longer alive, lost to breast cancer, aneurysms etc. That stops my self-pity.

    I pay attention to things I can affect, like a manicure or decent attire and let go of obsessing about what I cannot, or what is very difficult to change much, like body shape. And… I think “a limited selection of expensive clothes” is just how I’d love to live.

  3. kailyn says:

    I’d musch rather prefer the thickening waist line. Although I love my body now, I would rather not lose anymore hair. Plus my daddy used to always say. The best part of steaks is the fat! lol

  4. Shelley says:

    My eyes do not look that bad and my nails are fabulous!


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