You Won’t Be Able To Eat Just One

“Life is an ever changing and living thing. There is no need to recreate the past. Move forward. Each step opens a new path. ” –Sophie Losinski

I could simply tell you to click on over to Beyond Belief Biscotti and place an order for the best biscotti you’ve ever tasted.  Not just good biscotti. Exceptional biscotti, with flavors like Coconut Lime With White Chocolate and Salted Caramel With Pecans & Pretzels.  Biscotti that’s crunchy, but not dry, with just the right amount of sweetness. Biscotti that even those who don’t like biscotti will love.


But, I also want to introduce you to Sophie Losinski, the woman who created Beyond Belief Biscotti last Christmas, when she was in a dark place, emotionally and physically, and wanted to “lift myself from the space of sadness and being overwhelmed that I had been feeling for weeks,” she told me.

Sophie’s 9 to 5 job is with the Ministry of Labour in Toronto, Canada. She’s also a gifted writer and a certified PNRT Therapist (progressive neural resolution therapy), who helps people eradicate their self-sabotaging tendencies so they can lead joyful and productive lives. So, when Sophie was on medical leave late last year she knew that if she “focused on being of service to others, and giving, it would feed my soul.”  That’s when she decided to make biscotti as “gifts of love” for her family and friends during the holiday season.

“December 23 2017 was the FIRST time I EVER made biscotti,” Sophie said.  “The reactions were astounding, and many friends and relatives told us we were onto something and should sell them. And so, in early January, we decided to take the leap.”

“We” is Sophie and Andrei, her husband of almost six years (they’ve been together 13 years), who is a client manager in the travel insurance business. “Andrei is an amazing man.  He was in full support of whatever I felt I needed to get through the challenges I was facing,” Sophie said.

All the Beyond Belief Biscotti recipes were created from scratch, and each batch is made fresh without a single preservative. “We don’t use premix,” Sophie emphasized. The most popular flavors are Coconut Lime With White Chocolate, Salted Caramel With Pecans & Pretzels, and Hazelnut With Nutella & White Chocolate. My personal fave is the Coconut Lime!

“This business is part time for both of us. We work evenings, weekends and days off, but it’s a real labor of love ,” Sophie said.  And it’s paying off. Sophie’s Beyond Belief Biscotti were selected to be included in the VIP Swag Bag for the Toronto Waterfront Awards on April 27th. The event celebrates the achievements of outstanding women in the Greater Toronto area, and supports The Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness, a national charitable organization that aims to significantly reduce the incidence and impact of abuse through education and public awareness. “We feel privileged to be involved,” Sophie added.

P.S. Besides everything else she does, Sophie is an author. Her intimate and inspiring memoir, It’s Me, Soph, begins when the most beautiful love she’s ever known comes to an unexpected end, leaving Sophie heartbroken and alone.  The story of her journey to rediscover her life will uplift your soul and brighten your heart.

                  to savor Sophie’s scrumptious biscotti!

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