How Do YOU Want To Look?


So read the headline of an ad for “older” women, in a beauty magazine I was perusing at the beauty salon. A photo of a nice-looking woman accompanied the quote. She appeared to be in her late 40s, maybe early 50s.

How does feeling “young” feel? Do you want to skip rope or play hopscotch? Wear your hair in pigtails or a ponytail? Make out with a cute guy at work? Drink yourself silly?

I can remember being joyous at 19, when Barry Cunningham told me he thought of me when his girlfriend went on vacation; scared at 17 when I was waiting for college acceptance letters, and jumping out of my skin before traveling to Europe for the first time at 23. But I can’t for the life of me feel how I felt on any of those occasions.

This is what I believe the quote should have said:


Maybe I’m 48, and starting to see jowls; or I’m 58, and my belly is suddenly pooching out, or I’m 68, and my whole face could use a lift (not to mention by breasts). I exercise right and eat smart. Don’t drink or smoke. And I’m full of energy. But these things that are happening to my face and body don’t make me look as good as I feel. So I’ll color my hair, wear makeup, make sure my bras fit well, and perhaps even have a nip and tuck. I’m not interested in looking younger, but in looking the best I can.

But I know lots of women who wouldn’t agree with that approach, either.  They’d rather if the quote read:


Women in this group often comment on FabOverFifty, or our Facebook page, that they’ve “earned” every single wrinkle, gray hair, and belly bulge, and they’re happy as can be with how they look, no matter how they feel. They say the outside doesn’t definite the inside.

Whichever side you’re on, consider Jenny B’s comment on Facebook:

“ I shall just grow old gracefully with all my grey hairs and wrinkles! However, dyed hair and fillers make many women look great, and if that’s what rocks your boat, why not?”

Let us know which quote best defines you:

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  1. Carla-Margaret (Carla) says:

    I am okay with myself for now. I’m 65 and feel better than I have for years. Lost a great deal of weight. I have allowed my hair to grow long again. I walk a lot and eat well. It ‘s the mental part that upsets me. I forget too often the things I should know. ‘Dollar Tree’ does a great job with the hair color. Just scared my savings will run out. I don’t want to have to depend on my daughter.


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