Young at heart (and mind)

I am getting sick and tired of hearing we are the generation that doesn’t want to get old. An article on the front page of The New York Times yesterday, notes: Though members of other generations may say that it’s time to get over yourself by the time you reach 65, Boomers have no “intention of ceding to others what they consider rightfully theirs: youth.”

Bull. What we have no intention of ceding is our energy, drive, passion, curiosity; in other words, everything that defines us and will define us until the last boomer lays his or head down to die.

Of course, we don’t want to get old, even if we know that’s where we’re headed. More importantly, we don’t want to act old and think old.  If our grandmothers looked old at 50 and headed straight for the rocking chair, we’d prefer to look the best we can, with the same enthusiasm for living we’ve had all along.

We’re not trying to compete with the young or deny them a thing. The future is theirs and they have plenty of time to work their magic. But we still have a few tricks up our sleeves.

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2 Responses to “Young at heart (and mind)”

  1. Marsha Calhoun says:

    Nicely put – and may I add that when I reflect on myself and my age (59), and then think of my mother and father at that age, I feel so grateful that I now live in a society that doesn’t expect and demand that I adhere to a standard (of frumpiness and restriction) that doesn’t fit. It’s up to me to decide (within the limits of possibility and personal taste) how I look, what I do, and how I feel. A welcome responsibility!

  2. Preppy 101 says:

    AMEN! Stated perfectly!! Thank you. xoxo


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