New Website Addresses The Impact Of Vaginal Symptoms Due To Menopause

Fab Over Fifty works with many companies that specialize in women’s health, and one of the finest is Duchesnay USA, which markets a treatment for moderate to severe vaginal dryness and painful sex due to menopause. These may not be subjects women rush to discuss with their partners or best friends, but they’re real medical conditions that can be devastating–physically and emotionally–and they can be treated. 

Duchesnay has launched a new website for its drug Osphena, which has recently received FDA approval for the treatment of moderate to severe vaginal dryness due to menopause.  Osphena had FDA approval for the treatment of moderate to severe dyspareunia (painful intercourse) due to menopause. 

The site’s technological improvements, such as speedy downloading and easy navigation, are a small part of the story.  Women can access short videos packed with information from Dr. Barb DePree, Osphena’s new spokesperson, who specializes in menopausal care. Dr. DePree covers subjects including how to recognize the vaginal symptoms of menopause and what causes them to the reasons you should talk about painful sex to your doctor. “Talking about painful sex to a healthcare provider is as normal as talking about back pain or headaches,” Dr. DePree explains. 

You’ll also learn how Osphena works to improve the condition of specific vaginal tissues and why it’s an excellent option for women who are concerned about hormone-based treatments or uncomfortable with treatments that require vaginal application. 

Duchesnay USA is committed to empowering women to take control of their health at every stage of their lives. It is determined to raise awareness about some of the lesser known, yet most common and bothersome symptoms of menopause. It will consider itself successful if  it can get women to talk to their healthcare providers about treatment options. 

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