Win A Year’s Supply Of Avlimil, A Natural Menopause Supplement

If your life has been turned upside down by menopause symptoms, this is the giveaway for you. Whether it’s occasional night sweats or constant mood swings, menopause is disruptive and unpleasant for many of us in our 50s. That’s why our friends at Vianda are giving away a one-year supply of Avlimil to three lucky ladies.

Trusted by millions of women, Avlimil is a once-daily natural supplement, made with organic ingredients. This specially blended formula highlights two powerful ingredients 1.) phytoestrogen genistein, an estrogen-like compound derived from soybeans, and 2.) black cohosh root extract from a Native American plant, that has been well researched to relieve menopause symptoms. Additional ingredients include organic sage leaf extract, organic red raspberry leaf, organic cayenne pepper, organic damiana leaf, organic ginger root, organic licorice root and organic valerian root. These ingredients have traditionally been used by herbalists to support hormonal changes in women.

When taken continuously, this natural supplement can help relieve hot flashes, alleviate night sweats, diminish mood swings, and reduce irritability to help you get back to feeling balanced and back to your lively self.

300Are YOU experiencing disruptive menopause symptoms and not already seeking treatment?

Enter to win a year’s supply of Avlimil by completing the form below. After you’ve entered, tell us about your most troubling menopause symptom in the comment section below.



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3 FOFs will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes February 29, 2016 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.


  • kathy pease

    My worst symptom is the night sweats..We have had a fan going at night all winter because my hubby says my body gets to warm

  • susansmoaks

    hot flashes are horrible

  • PB

    Hot flashes.

  • Lisa Voyce

    The hot flashes are the most uncomfortable to me.

  • kassie1

    I had a complete hysterectomy eight years ago and can not use perscription hormones because of my blood clotting issues. So as many I suffer from major hot flashes, cold sweats, mood swings, wieght gain,dry skin/hair/nails ect ect ect. I would really appriciate winning this natural product to help me get myself back! Thank you.

  • Amy Baker

    The hot flashes are the worst…..

  • strawberry3d

    My troubling symptoms are hot flashes 24/7

  • Sue

    What is there for us over here in the UK,? Any chance we could have a chance to win this wonder pill, our “HOT FLUSHES” are just as bad, and in SOME it’s even worse than our “SISTERS” over there in the US.
    Please help us too!??????

  • disqus_VOaZSthrkI

    The hot flashes

  • Mary Gobbo

    What about vaginal dryness? Need help!

  • annamarie (rutschke) dodge

    hot flashes, cold flashes, cramps, dry skin, brittle hair, trouble sleeping, mood swings and weight gain…i got it all….and it just started two months ago…UGH

  • Laurie Strebe

    Hot flashes, dry skin as opposed to monthly cramps. I will take the hot flashes but they are getting more frequent and intense. Anything to try to help!

  • Cheryl Lee

    Hot flashes, my husband says I’m his little heater.

  • lisa

    hot flashes, dry skin and brittle hair

  • susansmoaks

    i want to try this for hot flashes and i know it would come in handy

  • rebeccabasset

    The Sweating (Hot Flashes) are my worst Menopause Symptom. Oh this could be helpful.

    Thanks for the Giveaway!

  • Oh my goodness glory, Farm Boy would kiss ya’ll. I’ve actually found him fannin’ the covers when I’m overheatin’. ‘Just sayin…..

    From the wonderfully steamy hills and hollers of the magnificent Ozark Ponderosa ya’ll have a blessed week out there!!! :o)

  • PJVerduin

    This would be wonderful for the awful night sweats and hot flashes. I haven’t noticed the mood swings, but I’m sure those around me have however, the weight gain has bad too.

  • Brittney House

    This would be for my mother, she cannot stand the hot flashes.

  • Peggy Johnson

    The hot flashes & night sweats have been terrible which prevent me from getting much sleep. The weight gain has been very discouraging too, since I had just lost a lot of weight prior to menopause.

  • Benita

    Hot flashes, without a doubt.

  • hawkshoe

    My most troubling symptom is memory lapses.

  • Kim V

    Hot flashes are ramping up and hit at any time. Sleeplessness was previously my worst symptom. None of it is much fun.

  • strawberry3d

    Hot flashes are killing me they start on my face then my head and next my back I sleep with a fan year round and I’ve shaved my head

  • Michelle Castagne

    The night sweats are the worst. I hate waking up with my clothes so wet I have to change them.

  • VMAH

    Night sweats disrupt my sleep and weight is so hard to keep down.

  • Vicki Andrew

    Night sweats are the worst along with the weight gain

  • Bee Mayes

    hot flashes. the worst.

  • Julie Mysiewicz

    Hot flashes!

  • Lynne T.

    My worst problem is the hot flashes and night sweats. It’s so bad that I now sleep topless in the winter.

  • B. Lerner

    In the beginning my worst problem was night sweats & constant daily hot flashes. Now, however, what’s upsetting me the most is that I’ve gained about 30 pounds. Very down about this.

  • MaMontag7


    • PB

      I can relate.

  • Meredith Peters

    It’s gotta be those drenching night sweats when you can actually ring out your clothes like you’ve been swimming!