How To Combat Acid Indigestion Naturally

It’s likely you or someone you know has experienced acid indigestion, more commonly known as heartburn.lead

As a matter of fact, 10 percent of adults experience this unpleasant condition once a week, and about 33 percent of adults have it monthly, according to the renowned Cleveland

To better understand what causes acid indigestion and what we can do to alleviate the pain, FabOverFifty chatted with Carolyn Harrington, a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and creator of Maty’s All-Natural Acid Indigestion Relief.

What is acid indigestion and can it be cured permanently?

Acid indigestion is not a disease. It’s a condition where your digestive tract can no longer properly and efficiently process the foods you eat. When you eat, a sphincter between your esophagus and stomach opens up to allow the food to pass, but then tightly closes to keep the food and stomach acid (which aids in digestion) in your stomach, where it’s supposed to be. However, certain foods can cause this sphincter to relax, and not close up entirely, which can cause the acid and food to move back up the esophagus (this occurrence is known as reflux).

What’s the difference between acid indigestion and acid reflux?

Acid indigestion, the pain you experience when the acid produced by your stomach creeps up into your esophagus, is a symptom of acid reflux. Acid reflux is a more chronic condition that results in weekly, or more frequent, symptoms. Coughing or a hoarse voice are other symptoms of acid reflux.

Old woman eating cake in the afternoonWhat types of foods can trigger acid indigestion?

Many foods can trigger acid indigestion, heartburn or acid reflux, and can differ from person to person. It’s best to work with a doctor or nutritionist, who will test to determine which foods set off your symptoms. Common culprits include dairy, wheat and gluten, soy and carbs. Lying down after eating can cause the sphincter to open up, leading to acid indigestion.

Who is most prone to indigestion and why?

Acid indigestion is widespread. Those over 50 used to be most susceptive to indigestion, due to normal digestive changes with aging, medications taken by older people, as well as being overweight. Now we are seeing more and more young people, even children, troubled by heartburn, indigestion, and acid reflux. I believe the American diet greatly contributes to the epidemic levels of acid indigestion and acid reflux. The amount of sugar and processed foods we eat upset the delicate balance of flora (microorganisms in the stomach) in our digestive tract and hinders proper digestion.

Why did you decide to create an all-natural indigestion relief product?

My husband, Bob, had terrible pain when he ate certain foods. When he went to bed after eating a big pasta dinner, for example, he would experience terrible pain that would keep him up at night. I wasn’t comfortable with anything on the market designed to ease his pain, because there was nothing that was completely safe with no side effects. Now, he takes the acid indigestion syrup when his symptoms begin, and he gets relief within five minutes.

How is Maty’s different than other acid indigestion products on the market?

Many drugs that remedy acid indigestion or heartburn have been associated with serious health complications such as kidney failure. These medications also decrease the acid in your stomach, which you need to properly digest your food. Maty’s Acid Indigestion Syrup is made with whole food ingredients and supplements the acid levels in your stomach. A popular misconception about acid indigestion is that there is too much acid in your stomach. However, most people who suffer from acid indigestion have too little acid to digest their food, not too much in their stomach. The blend of ingredients provides a range of benefits: honey soothes the throat, cloves and turmeric provide anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits, and apple cider vinegar provides healthy acid for the digestive tract, as well as other natural ingredients which promote the immune system. This natural blend doesn’t cause side effects or drug interactions. Anyone over the age of one can take it.

What are the key ingredients?

I used a form of applied kinesiology [the study of body movements] called muscle testing to determine the best combination of whole-food ingredients that would help alleviate the pain experienced when acid travels up the digestive tract. The key ingredients include honey, apple cider vinegar, ginger, clove, and turmeric which all work together to maintain healthy acid levels in the stomach and promote good digestion.

key ingredients

Is Maty’s safe to use for everyone?

Yes, both women and men can take Maty’s All Natural Acid Indigestion, and it’s even safe for pregnant women.

“The best heartburn/acid reflux relief so far! After three months of using every antacid on the market, I gave your product a try. The reflux is GONE!,” says Donna.

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