This Doctor Is Saving The Menopausal Women Of America!

Doctors aren’t sufficiency trained about menopause in their residency programs, and if they don’t make an effort to learn about it on their own, they can’t guide their menopausal patients, she continues.

Setting out to change this unfortunate prevailing attitude, Love, Sweat & Tears clearly explains what happens to a woman’s body during menopause, and what steps she can take– emotionally, spiritually and physically–to make menopause “the most intimate part of her life,” Dr. Pam explains.

The film covers subjects from the importance of estrogen therapy for a woman’s sexual health to the pleasure she can get from sex toys and masturbation. “I want women to know why they must protect their vaginas. I want estrogen in their vaginas when they’re going into the ground. And no woman should die without using a vibrator,” Dr. Pam says matter of factly.  Dr. Pam even sells vibrators, lubricants and other sex toys right in her office. “Why should woman have to go to ‘nasty places’ to buy them?”  she asks.

The film took 2.5 years to produce and edit. It’s had two viewings in Savannah, with standing room only, and received consistent reviews of at least 4.8 out of 5.

Now women all across the country have the opportunity to set up on-demand screenings of Love, Sweat & Tears by becoming movie captains for GATHR. GATHR allows you to bring Love, Sweat & Tears to your community using the link provided to bring your girlfriends, relatives and husbands to the screening. The GATHR team will help promote and publicize your event in your area, as well as provide any marketing materials or packets you may need. A percentage of the ticket proceeds can be donated to the women’s health organizations of your choice.

PS  Sadly, Dr. Pam’s husband lost his battle with cancer.  Their twins, now 19, are at Clemson University in South Carolina, where their dad went. “They feel close to him, and there’s an emotional bond for them to go there,” Dr. Pam says.

Dr. Pam remarried four years ago.  She and her new husband travel around the country in a 45-foot RV when she isn’t helping women back home on Tybee Island.

to see Love, Sweat & Tears in your community. It will be one of the most important films you see this year!

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  1. Quentin Oscar says:

    This had a great start and the spirit was right just didn’t need to get into all the religious aspects of having sex with your spouse. Seemed to leave out single older women who might enjoy enhancing their sex lives. I learned a bit about vibrators. But I believe, as per my wellness doctor who does my bio-identical prescribing, testosterone is essential in conjunction to estrogen to keep the sexual desire going in women. She just says to get estrogen down there the rest of your life.


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