An Unlikely Duo Continues Their Menopause Mission

Many sons are squeamish when their mothers even mention something like kissing, no less bring up more intimate subjects. Not Jack Dolgen!  He’s so comfortable with his mother Ellen’s career as a menopause maven, that he joined forces with her to write a book called MENOPAUSE MONDAYS: The Girlfriend’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving During Perimenopause and Menopause.


“If you think YOU have mommy issues, talk to me,” quips Jack, a comedy song writer who previously collaborated with his mom on a music video called A Singing Uterus Explains Perimenopause and Menopause, with the mission “to prepare the younger generation of women for perimenopause and to take charge of their fertility.”

Besides being the only menopause guide written by an unlikely duo, Ellen and Jack’s new book can be downloaded for free. “We wanted to ensure that there are no financial boundaries for women seeking the information and help they need,” Ellen said.  Apparently, thousands of women welcome the help. The book has been downloaded over 40,000 times, she noted.

bookFABOVERFIFTY: What can readers expect to find in the book that they won’t find anywhere else?

ELLEN: This is a comprehensive guide to all things menopause, including the symptoms, treatments, and long-range effects on a woman’s health. We share the expertise of numerous specialists,  to replace confusion and embarrassment with medically sound solutions, presented in an entertaining and informative way. The reader will find detailed descriptions and treatments for the symptoms they or their loved ones may experience, from hot flashes and mood swings to mental fogginess and loss of libido.

Besides sharing the latest research and proven treatments, our book offers guidance to finding a menopause specialist who’s right for you, and provides a clear explanation of which tests to request.  We discuss the latest studies on hormone replacement, as well as alternative therapies and remedies. We discuss the long-term health problems that can face women, such as osteoporosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, and thyroid issues.  Finally, we share the real-life experiences of women—and those who love them—as they traverse the crazy ups and downs of perimenopause and menopause. The book was a labor of love!

Where did you find the women who gave you real life anecdotes?

ELLEN: Through my website,, I receive oodles and oodles of daily emails from women and the people who love them, looking for menopause support. So, I reached out to some of them and asked if they would be willing to share their stories.  Everyone said yes!  I’m a firm believer in sharing. When we share our stories, we help others who are in the same perimenopause and menopause boats realize that they are not alone.

When did you realize your passion for helping women, and  their partners as well, through menopause? An ‘aha’ moment?

ELLEN: For me, menopause education is a mission which was spurred by my own experience struggling with the symptoms of menopause.  My menopause career started when I found myself in a complete brain fog during a business meeting. Not knowing a thing about perimenopause and menopause I assumed I was experiencing early symptoms of Alzheimer’s… and so began my “encore” career.

My husband now calls me  “The Vagina Whisperer!”

I have devoted the last decade of my life to helping other women during this often difficult time. I’m not a doctor or scientist, but I have “talked the talk” with countless menopause experts, so that I can “walk the menopause walk” with others and share the keys to this menopause kingdom.

If there’s one thing you could tell women about menopause, what would it be?

ELLEN: Some women breeze through perimenopause and menopause, but most deal with one or more of the myriad of emotional and physical symptoms of menopause. If you are having symptoms, reach out and get help! Unlike our mothers, we have many options to effectively deal with our physical and mental issues. The key is to find a good menopause specialist who will be your partner in this menopause business.  Be sure to be open and honest about your symptoms so that your specialist can develop an individualized plan that will fit your personal health needs.  Use our new free eBook to help you become your own best health advocate. You can lead a happy healthy life in menopause and beyond!

My motto is:  Suffering in silence is OUT! Reaching out is IN!

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