8 Foods That Make You Happy

Seems like every week we hear about the newfound benefits of another range of foods. It’s dizzying trying to keep pace with the latest culinary pronouncements. Each one of these eight foods has shown up on one list or another throughout the years, but besides being good for us, they’ve been scientifically proven to help boost our mood. What could be better than eating food that’s beneficial for our bodies as well as our minds?

Foods with high quantities of magnesium, such as peanuts and peas, are incredibly important in helping your body to make energy. Try tossing some in a salad or making a big pot of vegetarian bean chili to get your fix.

Contains all of the amino acids that are necessary for building muscle, and as your muscle mass increases, your energy reserves also increase. Add it to oatmeal or use it in veggie burgers. Try quinoa bites if you’re feeling adventurous!

High in magnesium, which can reduce anxiety, and tryptophan, which helps to reduce symptoms of depression. A square after dinner is a good way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Contain anthocyanidins and anthocyanins, which can reduce stress and depression. Mix raspberries or blueberries with Greek yogurt, which contains mood boosting probiotics, for a delicious snack or dessert.

Filled with iron, which helps to get oxygen to your cells and increases your energy. Mix it into a salad with other greens or sauté with garlic, olive oil, and salt if you’re not a big spinach person.

Incredibly rich in serotonin, a chemical that’ll make you feel calmer and happier. Mix walnuts and dried fruit for a great snack.

Studies have shown that increasing the amount of fatty fish in the diets of depressed people actually improved their moods. Grilling salmon or tuna is the healthiest and yummiest way to incorporate fish into your diet.

Has high levels of theanine, which can help to relax you. Try swapping out more caffeinated drinks for a mug of this.

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