This Gadget Could Save Your Life

FOF Patti Frenette wants to stop fatal heart attacks, one Aspirinpod at a time.

Aspirinpods are available in our FOF Shop!

In 2003, Patti Frenette got the shock of her life when her fit, thin, younger brother suffered a serious heart attack at just 54 years old. She flew immediately to his bedside in Wichita to meet with his wife and cardiologist. “Thank God you gave him that aspirin to chew when he started feeling sick,” the cardiologist told his wife, “or he might not have survived.”

From that moment on, Patti was on a mission to spread the word about the benefit of taking an aspirin at the first sign of a heart attack. She created Aspirinpod, a heart-shaped pillbox, perfectly sized to hold two adult aspirin or four baby aspirin. It fits neatly everywhere, from your keychain to your golf bag, so you can be sure to have an aspirin with you if you or someone you love has a heart attack.

How did you come up with the idea for Aspirinpod?

When I returned from Witchita, I took an informal survey of friends and colleagues. I would ask, ‘If I were having a heart attack right now and asked you for an aspirin to save my life, would you have one?’ Out of 450 people surveyed, only 5 said yes. Lots of people had Advil or Tylenol, but very few had plain old aspirin. I realized, people just don’t know about this. It took a few years, but eventually I applied for the design patent, and by 2009 I was in production.

Exactly what dose of aspirin should you take?

At the onset of heart attack symptoms, you should call 911 and chew one 325 milligram (regular strength) aspirin or four baby aspirin.

What symptoms should you watch out for?

Women’s heart attack symptoms can be much subtler than men’s. As opposed to the crushing arm and chest pain that men feel, women often feel extreme exhaustion. Now, how many exhausted women do you know? A lot. Also, nausea, indigestion or discomfort in between your shoulder blades. By the time women get to the emergency room, it’s often too late. That’s why carrying aspirin with you as a woman is doubly important.

What exactly is the aspirin doing?

It’s thinning your blood, so that any clots or blockages and pass.

Do you know anyone who’s actually used their Aspirinpod and prevented a heart attack?

Oh, I get tons of letters. Actually, a woman I met through work had a heart attack at her desk, at 9am one morning, and she ate the aspirin from her pod. I had only met her a few days before and she wrote me a note afterwards saying how our meeting was serendipitous.

I actually used it, recently, when I had terrible stomach pains and thought I was having a heart attack! I was doubled over in pain and a friend called 911 while I chewed the aspirin. It turned out to be indigestion, but my motto is: Be Prepared. No Regrets.

Patti Frenette is the inventor of the Aspirinpod. She lives in Dallas, Texas.

Aspirinpods are available in our FOF Shop!

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    My friend’s husband just got out of the hospital after having a heart attack. While they did not find any blockage his heart is only functioning 35%. He has been put on a water reducing pill and other medications but if he had this little aspirinpod he could have prevented this.

  • gladpack7

    I just bought the 10–pack, and I am going to share them with several of my friends. I think this is a great idea–and could be a life-saver one day.

  • darlenejdee

    Heart disease has most definitely affected my life. My mom has congestive heart failure and is going on her second Defibrillator. As far as myself, I have a leaky valve and every morning I must take an aspirin not only for my heart murmur but because I am over the age of 50. Your aspirinpod is excellent because you can wear it fashionably, around your neck, close to your heart. Being fly and all the while can save your life.

  • RarnChild

    My mother had atrial fibrillation – a heart arrhythmia which causes clot formation. Those clots were the source of the transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) she suffered. Heart health is therefore always at the front of my mind.

  • kathypt1

    This past heart awareness campaign has caught my eye for the first time. Heart attacks and stroke run in so many families. I was thinking I should get some baby aspirin to have on hand and I think this is the most clever device for carrying them I’ve ever seen. Brilliant idea, Miss Patti!

  • rapint

    Most of the men in my father’s family have died of heart attacks.

  • bison61

    yes, my grandfather and my father-I’d keep this in my purse

  • krispy9

    Heart Desease runs in my family so I keep a close eye on it. This is a great product.

  • ella55

    I have it chf and sure could use this. If I don’t win one can you please tell me where I can purchase one, I have not seen Aspirinpods in any store. Thank you, Arleen

  • hofken

    My mom has a bad heart and takes a blood thinner – so we worry about a stroke, too

  • cyntex

    my dad had a heart attack, at work, alone. this may have saved him.

  • pat08

    My husband had a heartattack on Jan. 23, 11
    Thank God we were at home because I didn’t have an aspirin in my bag. Your aspirinpods are like life alert and we should never be without one. I would love to receive one my husband is still a risk for another. Thank u for your life saving invention.
    Pat from Boerne Tx

  • glynda

    My mother was recently diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, I have several brothers with high blood pressure, and I have high blood pressure as well as mild aortic regurgitation, so we are all likely candidates for more serious heart problems (God forbid!). I plan on getting one of these for each member of my family!

  • Julie Pounders

    I have had 2 stints put in for a 75% blockage. My father died at age 37 of a massive heart attack so I try to be careful.

  • Soledad

    My brother had a heart attack last year and my sister this year. I have been taking low dose aspirin every day now but this would be good to have even if someone else has an attack.

  • wjoycebrown

    My father died of heart disease at 70 in 1986. He fell on the street, in the hospital the doctors told our family he would be ok and would go home soon. Soon after, still in the hospital he had a massive heart attack, come to find out cholesterol surrounded his heart. He was a bodybuilder in the 30’s, eating health foods and staying fit before it became popular. I worry about myself since I have been diagnosed with high cholesterol last year and work each day harder and harder to lower it. I carry aspirin in my purse – we must be prepared, you never know.

  • StChienne

    What a wonderful idea! Everyone on my Dad’s side of the family died from heart disease; he’s the first to survive thanks to a triple bypass when he was 70. He just turned 89 and we tell everyone to carry aspirin at all times!!!!!

  • Gypsy4life

    At a glance anyone can tell this has to do with the heart-brilliant idea!

  • jenbispo

    In 2008, I received news that my younger brother of only 42 years old had suddenly passed away of heart failure. What a shock. If only we had had a chance once his symptoms were detected. Since then, I have been vigilant about monitoring my own symptoms. I can see how Aspirinpod could be a lifesaver.

  • happishopr

    Heart disease runs in our family. We have lost many on my father’s side to the disease and have had many suffer heart attacks at a young age.

  • Anonymous

    I went into the Hospital to have surgery, I had my fifth one right there on the operating table! I am very lucky. Both sides of my family have Heart Disease and now, I do as well. I take 5 med’s alone just for my Heart Disease and that includes an Aspirin! This is a wonderful tool for women. Heart Disease has bypassed Cancer and kills more women each year! We must help to do something about that, now.

  • Granny Oma

    There is a family history of heart attack – my father suffered several.
    MY daughter in law works as a clinical research nurse for a goup of cardiologists, so we are always talking about this area of medicine.
    also,a dear friend a fellow nursing colleague had dble bypass 2 yrs ago, so the reality of heart disease hit home real hard. She was proactive. She is alive and well !

  • baweatherford

    In the last couple of years, I have decided that it is time for me to be proactive about my health. I had my first colonoscopy as soon as I turned 50, I have mammograms annually, and I am going to get better about going to the dentist every 6 months for well dentist care. I am going to make an appt. to have a full body check with a dermatologist. And I have started eating a more heart healthy diet. Now, if I could only get off my rear and get more exercise… I love the idea of the aspirinpods!

  • mmimilinda

    My father died from a heart attack, and now, the man I love is a survivor of a heart attack at age 56. I am always vigilent, and it would be wonderful to have this added little bit of peace of mind to know that he always had the aspirin close by. It would keep me from feeling quite so helpless. I think it;s a fabulous idea.

  • lisas4

    I suffered two minor heart attacks last year, for reasons unknown to doctors since I didn’t have high blood or high cholesterol. I did however find out I had sleep apnea which they think may have caused this. I was told to carry aspirin with me or they gave me the spray to use so this would be the perfect to thing to carry with me. I definintely need something like this.

  • judychildress

    Yes. My late husband died of congestive heart failure, enlarged heart & leaky heart valve

  • tonihughes

    My mother has heart disease and I’ve raised a lot of money for the AHA in her honor.
    I know that you should take an aspirin after you call 911 but it never occurred to be how much of a bother it would be to locate one quickly

  • kpc

    I have always tried to live a heart healthy life as several family members have heart disease. This would be a great preventive step to have.

  • gingermclendon

    After seeing a close family member who experienced a heart attack continue to be apprehensive about possible repeats, I’ve become much more aware of the importance of this type of proactive preparation.

  • DOswalt

    Bayer also has the instant dissolve packets that can be carried. I am 58 and always carry a couple of Bayer ! You jusy never know………….

  • sara2192650

    I see I’m in good company here, having had both parents with heart disease. Both grandfathers succumbed from heart attacks, one before I was born. Kudos, Patti, on your invention!

  • Catalina

    No heart attacks, normal bp, cholesterol and triglycerides. I exercise, watch my diet and sodium and even with a horrible family history of heart disease am in amazingly great health!

  • hrbeck_98

    Most of my relatives on my father’s side of the family died of heart problems, as did he 30 years ago. My husband has an arrythmia and I have a heart murmur, so yes, cardiac problems have affected my life in many ways.

  • bouds

    Last year, I just got off the bed when I felt an obscur pain in my chest. I could not move, I was frozen. Hopefully, my husband arrived on time to help me. Bouds

  • mls833

    What a great idea. My husband had tests done at an early age so there would be a record of his good heart to compare as he got older. The reason for this was because every male on his father’s side had heart attacks before the age of 50. He watched what he ate and exercised several times a week. Now that he’s older, he has let himself go and doesn’t exercise any more. Not good. He does keep aspirin with him and this would be a great item to keep the aspirin in. I myself get heartburn all the time and never thought that it might be from my heart. Will be going to doctor to check it out.

  • tinkerbell5676

    My great grandmother died of a massive heart attack just after she walked in the door of her doctor’s office for a routine appointment. My mother at age 57 died of a massive heart attack in her sleep and had just had her heart tested 2 months earlier. She had been experiencing all the classic symptoms of a heart attack for months. Never took an aspirin.

  • Peachlilangel

    When I was just 35 yrs old I suffered a heart attack-totally unexpected-and, if my 16 yr old had not given my a aprin to chew I probably wouldn’t have made it! (thank God for health classes in school!! ). Come to find out that I had a birth defect, known as WPW, and they performed ablation surgery to correcct it. However, now, at age 48, I seem to be experiencing similiar problems as those prior to my first heart attack, and , hopefully if something does happen, that i have a asprinpod ri help those who assist me.

  • janieliz8

    I just this week turned 57yrs old, my father died of a heart attack one week after his 57th birthday. Last year I had a stroke and a brain tumor. I have chronic low back pain and therefore do not exercise. I need to get my act together. This little heart is a great invention. Would love to win one..but hopefully never have to use it.

  • BlueBear

    Mother died of heart attack at 52. Her father died of the same at 53. I have high cholesterol and I am aging. It is critical for me to pay attention to my meds and any signs of a heart attack or stroke. I had no idea this life-saving gadget even existed! Wow!

  • lfrench

    My father has had a heart procedure of some sort about every two years since he was fifty-he’s now 81. The guy is all staples, stents and gortex.

  • tangobyrd58

    My biological father died of a massive Heart Attack….age 52
    My Maternal grandfather died of a Heart Attack…..age 54
    Grandmother, uncles……an enitire family. My husband had a heart attack at 48! I was born with a heart murmer and i watch carefully. Always have asperin and take all the good pills: fish oil, flax seed, etc.
    I have been told I wear my heart on my sleeve,,,,,always there for others, I’d love the chance to wear yours on my chest!!!

  • thereislightonthehorizon

    The Doc’s kept telling me I was too young for this 🙁 Heck if I didn’t have a 70% blockage in my artery needing an arterial stent. I was fit, trim, had wonderful cholesterol numbers and had just stopped smoking (6 months to be exact!) and I was waiting for all those healthy feeling benefits to come my way. Needless to say, I am now on 325mg aspirin a day but amazingly hadn’t thought of carrying it in my purse!!! DOH!!!!! I suppose a baggie will do until I can get this cute little fob 🙂

  • hol59den

    This is a fantastic idea to carry aspirin. My husband has an enlarged heart and he and I both take a baby aspirin at bedtime. Studies show that it is the best time to take aspirin because most heart attacks happen at night or in the early morning hours. It would be wonderful for him to use instead of the standard pill bottle he is use to carrying. Good Job!

  • daddariorb

    I go to the gym everyday for aerobics class. Hopefully this will improve my heart health.

  • ktpotat

    I have to go for test tomorrow.I’m a bit nervous.This is a great product I’ve taken to caring around aspirin.

  • au9smith

    Great idea. I’ve been on a NSAID med for arthritis for years & only take acetaminophen. However, my Dr put me on 81mg aspirin a couple of years ago. Now I will always carry 4 of those with me! Just need something pretty to carry them in.

  • km756

    My mother had open heart surgery 44 years ago at age 40. She is now 84 and has congestive heart failure. I think this is a fabulous product!!

  • cparkin

    I lost both of my grandmothers and my mother to heart attacks. Mom had been complaining of indigestion and asked if she should go to the doctor. We had no idea it was a sign of a heart attack at that time. She made her appointment for a Monday and died on the Saturday before her appointment. I take a lo dose aspirin every day on the recommendation of my doctor but I don’t carry aspirin with me. I will from now on though.

  • debradunford

    My heart make me wont to eat better and exercie more for my life and live longer for my family.

  • janawinkel

    My mom had diabetes and was not very good at taking care of herself dispite all of the prodding by my dad and her children. I don’t know why the doctors didn’t check her heart. She had a heart attack and it turned out she had 90% blockage. She didn’t make it. I worry about my heart and the hearts of my siblings, especially my brother with the big belly. I didn’t know about the pain I might feel between my shoulder blades. I have that occassionaly. Last year I had a scare but I did not call a doctor or ambulance. I had a pain in my jaw, down the side of my neck and left arm, and I felt very strange. I even had some pain in my chest but I always chalk that up to my sternum that was broken once. I will never not call for an ambulance again when I feel like that though. I think I may have had a mild heart attack but I don’t know and I don’t want to be scared like that again. I live alone and I shouldn’t take chances. I don’t normally take aspirin because it upsets my stomach but I do have baby aspirin around her somewhere. It would be great to have a place where I know I could find it wherever I am.

  • 4evermom21

    I take low dose aspirin daily due to my mothers history of heart attack. My mother had a silent heart attack- heartburn was what she thought it was- it was a bad enough heart attack to damage close to have her heart muscle. Wehad her a few more years but a second heart attack killed her. My husband had a massive heart attack at age 46 leaving me a widow at 43. This is a great idea to allow people to carry aspirin with them just in case they need it or someone around them.

  • debbieguest

    What a fab little invention I think that women have a really hard time thinking that they could have any type of heart problems and overlook most small symptoms. This would be a great item for all women to carry with them

  • Fratuc

    I have what I am told is an superventricular arrythmia that surfaced a few years ago. I had never had any heart problems before but was wheel out of my office at work by paramedics with a heart rate of 150 blood pressure extremely high it was the most frightening experience. This week I took my children out as we always do to celebrate my youngest child 18th birthday and started having these crushing pain inbetween my shoulder blades and tightening of the chest. In an attempt to not alarm my children I took deep breathe and tried to ignore it. I have been told to carry aspirin with me and I usually do in my work and school bag but not in my purse which I usually do not carry. I carry a lot of things on my keychain but never thought about aspirin. I dealt with the pain until I got home and took some aspirin. I did not sleep that night in fear of what the pain was telling me and I have not been to the doctor yet. The pain went away but I am sore in my chest area. I am glad I read this blog today because I did not know that pain between the shoulder blades is an indication and that is what I experienced. I am making an appointment today to see my doctor.

  • shebren

    Heart attacks have taken mostly men in my family, but I am a candidate myself being overweight, HBP and diabetic. Although I take a daily low-dose baby asprin, having the Asprinpod handy would be a very good idea.

  • c.g.francis

    My mother died of heart disease. My husband died with massive heart attack. Nothing else to be said.

  • frogers

    My immediately family hasn’t been. My husband’s family has however had ongong heart issues.

  • kfulton

    My husband had a heart attack at 40 but neither of us carry asprin with us. We should though. All he carries with him is Nitroglyceran. What a great invention and I will get some asprin and put it in my purse today and in his work truck, lunch box, ect. Thank You for the reminder.

  • cranger

    My grandmother has now had per her cardiologist a record number of stints. Each heart attack she has felt nothing more than extreme fatigue. The stints prevented her from having bipass surgery. My grandfater had multiple strokes over the years that left him debilitated, my other granfathers (step one included) died from heart attacks and heart failure. As a public health nurse I can think of a million places to market this and get it in the hands of those who could use if for preventions sake. What an incredible meaningul tool. Congratulations and making it happen. Good health to you and your family.

  • nanbon44

    my father and father in law both passed from heart attacks.. I had a heart attack 5 years ago, I had all the stress tests, lung tests, etc… because I was short of breath from walking…all was ok with the tests. woke one sunday morning with bad heart burn and told doctors in ER all heart test were clear, after a 6 hour enzine test it was found that I did have a heart attack and now have a stent. I now keep asprin and nitro in my purse.. this is a great item and everyone should carry one. you never know when a heart attack will strike.. bonnie

  • czechchick

    get a hospital to sign on & pass them out in cardiac rehab … the venues are limitless

  • czechchick

    Love Love Love it … I have already had one stent put in – so continue to pay attention to my body’s signs … I would love to have one of these … to carry right next to my nitroglycerin … and it would be soo portable !

  • mtbwillis

    My husband had a heart attack at age 47. He was always thin and fit from sports so this was a complete surprise to us. I spread the word about heart disease to friends and acquaintances to let them know that it can happen to anyone at any time. Today, 10 years later, he is doing fine!!

  • swidlers

    Right after my 50th birthday I had a minor stroke. I was found to have a PFO, which I then had surgically closed. I am now on a baby aspirin a day. Of course I did not get the publicity that Bret Michaels got for the same thing, but hey, I wouldn’t want that kind of publicity anyway.

  • desertkid

    Both my parents are heart patients. Mom had five heart attacks and didn’t know it. The last one sent her to the hosptial. She was always tired, now we know why. Mom is doing very well today, thank you.

  • Kathi

    I lost My husband when he was 32 yrs old from a Heart Attack and I would Love to Win a Aspirinpod and wear it because I have worked in A Cardiac Cath Lab and I know how an aspirin can really make a difference if you are having a Heart Attack or symptoms of a Blockage

  • Anonymous

    With high blood pressure, high cholesterol, being overweight and having a family history on both sides of heart disease, I think I need one of these. I take a 1/2 dose aspirin each day but don’t carry any with me. I had no idea. Thank you for this very informative and potentially life-saving information.

  • mamates

    At the age where this would be quite handy. Would love to be the first of my friends to have it.

  • feistyb

    I work in for a school district and I make sure we have aspirin of this type on hand. Would love to have an aspirinpod for my purse…..

  • blackbear

    I have had 3 heart attacks. First one was when I was 47 (the same age my dad was when he died of a heart attack) and the second one came nine years later. (I have small blood vessels and when the attack comes on they close.) I have had two heart caths and they show no blockage. Mostly they figured my heart attack were stress induced. Then we retired and I figured that would be the end of it until I was struck with another attack one Monday morning. I immediately took an aspirin, my husband threw me in the car and we dashed for the hospital 6 miles away. The next day, after the tests, they could find no damage. It was thought that the combination of the aspirin and the fact that I was at the hospital 15 minutes after the start of the attack was probably what saved my life.

    Jan Zalobsky, Grayling, MI