Get Grounded

What on Earth is grounding?

When we walk barefoot, free electrons from the Earth’s surface are transferred into our body through thousands of nerves in our feet. The process, called grounding or earthing, reportedly provides health benefits, including anti-oxidization to improving chronic pain. Since most of us can’t go barefoot all the time, Get Grounded Footwear claims it’s created the next best thing, a line of tong-like sandals called Groundals. Made of 3rd Planet’s proprietary Terra-Technology® (a type of vinyl with a grounding additive), the sandals are contoured for comfort at our feet and provide traction on the soles. How do Groundals work? Justin Donoghue, COO, explains.

How does the Get Grounded Footwear technology work?

Roughly 40,000 lightning strikes each day and the sun’s power fill the Earth with free electrons. When you are in direct contact with the ground, your body will be supplied with the free electrons that help renew and balance its natural energy. This is called grounding, or earthing. The free electrons absorbed from the Earth can help neutralize the free radicals we come in contact with during our daily routines. While our natural electrical state is grounded, our contemporary lifestyles insulate us from the Earth. Insulators include rubber, glass, wood, plastics and other synthetic materials that literally surround us every day. When you’re insulated, you cannot absorb the Earth’s free electrons. When you wear Groundals, you’re in direct contact with the Earth and soaking up those free electrons. Although walking barefoot is a free and effective way to ground yourself, it isn’t always safe or clean. Also, the weather could present a problem. When wearing Groundals, you will be safely and naturally grounded, while walking on grass, sand, dirt, concrete, rocks, brick, or stone.

What makes Groundals different from other grounding footwear?

The entire Get Grounded Footwear™ footbed is made of a grounding material that allows connection through all parts of the foot rather than just through a small circular plug in the center of the shoe’s footbed. This provides added comfort and continuous conductivity.

What do the shoes feel like when you wear them?

Some people are sensitive to the product in the beginning and feel a little bit of a warmth or a tingle. Overall, it’s like walking barefoot on a beach, but with added protection.

What colors and sizes do Groundals come in?

Gold, silver, and black, with additional color options in the future. Sizes are small, medium, medium-large, and large; a pair is $49.99 with free shipping. More ideas are in the pipeline, including a closed toe option. Our products are manufactured in Georgia, and our company is based in Key West, FL.

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  1. HammockDreamer says:

    Such an interesting article – perhaps this is why I always feel so much healthier after times I have been barefoot. Unfortunately, I live in central Florida–lots of creepy-crawlies outside and I don’t ever go without footwear – these would be a perfect solution!

  2. earthydancer says:

    Would love to win these Groundals being a Tribal Belly Dancer I ground myself daily while practicing my choreography! How fitting to win and wear these!

  3. Caryn C. says:

    I’m always looking for a comfortable sandal or shoe. Groundals are attractive and seem like they’d be comfortable and good for me. I’d love to try them!

  4. Roxee910 says:

    Looks like a great ‘terra’ product – the perfect thing to put on after a long day at work.

  5. SandraKay says:

    I have a hard time finding shoes, especially sandals that I can walk comfortably in. I really, really would like to try these and see if they can help my feet. I live in FL and with the warm weather I am in sandals most of the time and need a pair that doesn’t hurt my feet.

  6. amcintron says:

    would love to try these out….Just finished my home at the beach and am using sandals more than just in the summer now….

  7. Leomozz says:

    My piggies are so excited. These sandals look super comfortable! I would love to try them!


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