Health News for FOFs: June 2011

Overwhelmed by medical news? Eat meat. Don’t eat meat. Sun causes cancer. Sun prevents cancer…Don’t fret. We pored through the periodicals to find the very best FOF health info this week. Your body just thanked us for you.

  • ImageAdd Certain Foods to Subtract Calories
    • Recent studies show that eating more of certain foods can help reduce hunger and moderate calorie consumption. The foods, including cayenne pepper and puréed vegetables, are natural appetite suppressants. For instance, adding pepper to soup correlated with eating 60 fewer calories in the next meal. “We’re not at all proposing that this is any miracle cure for obesity,” said a lead researcher. “This is a small change with a small effect that is achievable by making just a small change in the diet. It goes in the right direction.”
  • With Liposuction, the Belly Finds what the Thighs Lose
    • A new study showed that fat removed from the thighs and abdomen of women, via liposuction, came back after a year. Surprisingly, it came back in other areas of the body. A doctor associated with the study explained: “it was redistributed upstairs,” mostly in the upper abdomen, but also around the shoulders and triceps of the arms.
  • Boomers are less healthy and heavier than their parents were at their age
    • Perhaps counter-intuitively, boomers are found to be in poorer physical shape than their parents were at the same age. “Boomers think of themselves as forever young, but they’re aging physiologically faster than their parents’ generation,” a health writer said. “What’s happening to boomers, they’re showing a lot of increases in chronic diseases. They haven’t reached 75 or 80, but compared to the previous generations at the same age, they’re showing more of the chronic diseases.” Suggestions for bridging the gap include seeking higher quality health care, exercising, socializing and learning a bit more, eating more healthfully, and even practicing safer sex.
  • Live more years: secrets from a Greek island
    • The residents of Ikaria, a mountainous, 99-square-mile Greek island, live longer than just about any other geographic group in the world. Some of their “secrets” include eating more greens, napping, not worrying about time that much, herbal tea, goat’s milk, walking, and cultivating strong social ties to friends and neighbors.
  • Why long-married couples split Image
  • Does Late Night Eating Cause More Weight Gain?
    • A recent study on adult men and women has added support to the claim that eating late does facilitate more weight gain. Eating after 8 PM was associated with a higher body mass index, suggesting that late night calories carry more weight than those consumed earlier in the day. Still, researchers are generally at a loss as to why this is.

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