What Your Worst Menopause Symptom Says About You

Menopause can be a downright depressing time for even the most optimistic women. Hot flashes, a dry vagina, and a vile mood aren’t the ingredients for happiness. But, please know that you DO NOT have to suffer. You can learn all you need to know about menopause, and about the completely safe remedies that are available for practically all of your symptoms.

If you’ve not yet entered the menopausal transition, read about the experiences of 20 FOFs here. If you’re lucky–like Paulette, Sally C, Rosa, and Jan–you’ll get off scot free. But don’t wait to find out. Arm yourself now with the knowledge you’ll need to avoid a horrible time later.


“The hot flushes.  I made a joke of having my own tropical moments, but the other symptoms really got me down. The most worrying was the memory loss. I really thought something was seriously wrong with me. The joint pains were crippling and the weight gain was horrendous. I felt so bad that I took early retirement from work. Six years later, I have the occasional warm moment, the joint pains are not as severe and my brain has stopped the auto delete function, but the filing system still leaves a lot to be desired. I really hope I’m through the worst of it now. My weight has started to normalize. It has been a thoroughly miserable six years.”

Bev Archer  


“The night swims. LOL.  The sweats are so bad it’s like I’ve been swimming, and my clothes are all wet!!!”

Tammy Summers

“HOT FLASHES & MOOD SWINGS! I swear I don’t know if I’m coming or going or if I’m hot or cold. This really sucks. My family thinks I’m crazy and, at times, I think I am going crazy.”

Joy S. Boyd


“I have to say brain fog…oh, and less hair on my head but more on my face, and weight gain.”

Angela Mego

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