You’ll Never Take A Multivitamin The Same Way Again

Chances are, you and your family take multivitamin pills or gummies to get the nutrients you don’t always get through food.

But, 35% of us don’t always remember to take them every day, according to Tespo, a new company that is helping us rethink the way we get our essential vitamins and nutrients. Not only that, but these vitamins are better absorbed by the body when they’re in liquid form. Liquid vitamins have an 85%+ absorption rate, compared to 10 to 15% with pills or tablets, Tespo reports. Besides, pills contain all sorts of manufacturing additives and chemicals that provide no nutritional value. Gummies also give you extra sugar that your body certainly doesn’t need.

Tespo to the rescue!

Dissatisfied with chemicals and other additives, as well as the lack of vitamin absorption in pills and gummies, Tespo created a smart device that delivers the highest-quality multivitamins in liquid form.

How it works

cupTespo is a small counter top appliance which mixes a powder form of vitamins with water to blend a liquid “shot” that is taken daily. Each of the company’s five formulas is conveniently packaged in a disc, divided into 31 doses, for a month’s supply. Tespo delivers a new disc each month. The device is easy-to-use: Just pop in the disc, place the shot glass in the holder, and press the button. With its chic design and fun mixing process, you’ll never forget to take your multivitamins again (and won’t have to swallow a pill)!

Five different formulas (and more to come)

Women’s Essential: This formula includes Vitamin D3, Vitamin K1, and additional support to enhance the health of your body and mind.

Men’s Essential: A comprehensive formula for men, which is enhanced with zeaxanthin, lutein, and CoQ10 for added support of cellular development, eye and heart health.

Children’s Essential: Containing all natural monk fruit and no sugar, this formula is perfect for kids, especially since they aren’t fans of pills.

Energy: This formula includes caffeine, Vitamin B12 and guarana to keep you energized, and is a great alternative to coffee and energy drinks.

Focus: This caffeine-free formula features Panax Ginseng, guarana, zeaxanthin and lutein to provide a “boost” to your day.

In the coming months, Tespo will introduce four new formulas:

A special storage compartment in the back of the device holds all the discs you and your family are using.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tespo. The opinions and text are all mine.


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