Facebook Is Overflowing with Misinformation About Coronavirus

An Important Message To My FOFriends, 

Stop Googling “coronavirus” and listen asap to how Dr. Jacques Neelankavil answered questions from the FabOverFifty community on FACEBOOK LIVE this morning. 

Dr. Neelankavil earned his medical degree in 2006 from the UCLA School of Medicine, where he also did his residency and was awarded a fellowship in cardiothoracic anesthesiology. 

“Covid information is confusing and rapidly evolving. I’ll demystify the virus and its impact on society,” Dr. Neelankavil said before going live on Facebook. 

And demystify it he did!  He’s a brilliant doctor. Listen right now. You can go back to the fun stuff on Facebook later.

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  1. ConfederateBorn says:

    Misinformation like the recovery numbers not including the 98% that catch the virus but require zero treatment at home! Or the thousands added to the death list in New York that died for non-virus reasons


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