{Poll} Do you take Vitamin D?

There’s a hot D-bate over Vitamin D going on.

Several doctors we’ve spoken to this year have advocated Vitamin D supplements for bone health, saying that most American women are deficient in this vital nutrient. According to a new report from the National Institute of Medicine, however, Vitamin D supplements are “not necessary for most adults.”

What’s an FOF to do?  Read our conversation with Cleveland Clinic expert, Tanya Edwards, MD, to get the full story. And tell us, below: Do you take Vitamin D?

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0 Responses to “{Poll} Do you take Vitamin D?”

  1. qat41 says:

    I take vit d3 and I have my Vit d level checked with my other annual blood tests.

  2. Kim says:

    I get my D levels checked every year. Living in Alaska makes the lack of sun the norm in the winters. Also, my family has a history of osteoporosis. Calcium with the D. I also have a SAD light I could not do without.

  3. Ann says:

    I do not take extra vitamin D as I feel I get the required amount in my multi-vitamin and my calcium supplement.


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