8 Skin Conditions That Pop Up After You Turn 45


“These are extra bits of skin that can commonly grow in areas of high friction, such as on the neck, under the arms, under bra straps, and in the groin area. Small tags also can occur on the eyelids and cheeks. They are harmless and easy to remove via scraping, snipping, or freezing, but this doesn’t guarantee that new ones won’t pop up. They will. Skin tags also run in families.”

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  1. rebecca huff says:

    why do we have to click 9 times to read the article? Why not let us read it all on one page. No thanks! won’t be reading!

  2. Tired Gramma says:

    I laugh ruefully when I read articles like these. Only the very rich and pampered women can even think about anti-aging help like this. The rest of us, well we go to the drugstore shelf and buy lots of hope in jars….. LOL and it DOES pay, no matter what, to take care of yourself. The BIGGEST thing is stay OUT of that SUN. don’t smoke! use butter, coconut oil, trust me, your skin will look better for it. The one thing I wish wish I could have done is to lift my eye area… you know, the skin is falling over my eyelids? What will later? I won’t see for the skin folds? ha


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