Start Juicing Up Your Life!

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I’ll always remember my brief love affair with an electric juicer. It was handsome and strong, and I couldn’t wait to take it home to introduce it to heaps of fresh fruits and vegetables so they could make beautiful, nutrient-rich drinks for me. The beverages were scrumptious, and I knew I was doing good things for my body. But alas, the juicer was high maintenance. It was a hassle to clean, and it cost a small fortune to keep feeding it superfoods like broccoli and goji berries.

The affair ended. I sent the juicer packing. But ever since I’ve craved the sustenance that pure, fresh juices give me.  You can’t find them on the supermarket shelf, and when I saunter up to a juicing stand to satisfy my longing, it sets me back a pretty penny.  The ‘Starstruck’ at the local juice shop, a blend of apple, lemon, ginger and cayenne, is $8!

When the folks at Organifi called to ask if I’d try their “gently dried superfood powders,” of course I was game. Before I tell you how and why they were created, and what’s in them, let me get right to the essential points: The juice is a cinch to make (I add a scoop of the powder and eight ounces of cold sparkling water to my Vitamix, blend it for five seconds, and pour the drink into the glass.) It goes down easily and tastes delicious. I swear I feel a burst of energy within minutes, and it stays with me for hours.  Trust me. I’m a high-energy person in the first place but I’m even more energetic after drinking one of the juices I’ve prepared with Organifi “superfood powder.”

                   Drew Canole

Meet The Muse Of Juice

The seeds of Organifi superfood powders were planted about seven years ago by Drew Canole, one of the original YouTube influencers in the area of healthy eating. The young head of a successful debt settlement company in Tampa, FL, at the time, Drew remembers looking in the mirror and “wanting something more.” Forty pounds overweight, he was subsisting on what he called “the sad diet” of processed foods.

After accepting an employee’s invitation to try a green liquid that looked like “swamp water,” Drew experienced a long-lasting infusion of energy. “It wasn’t a quick rush that you’d get from coffee, and there was no crash,” Drew recalled.  Without hesitating, he bought a juicer and took the first step of a juicing journey that would transform his life, personally and professionally.

Moving to San Diego from Tampa, Drew began posting mini videos on YouTube and Facebook to document his experiences, and created a visual transformation program around juicing for weight loss. “It was the dawn of the juicing trend, and Drew was attracting an audience that was burned out from trying one commercial diet after another, and tired of broken promises from marketing companies. People were starting to understand the power of whole foods and juicing as medicine to improve health,” explained Mae Steigler, who became employee #1 at, Drew’s content marketing brand. “People were looking for real long-term solutions to change their mindset from fixing their bodies to working with their bodies to create the results they knew were possible,” added Mae, who was working in personal training and nutrition when she met the emerging juicing guru.


                     Mae Steigler

Since then, Drew’s Facebook following has grown to over 4 million, and 65 employees now work at the company. “Drew wasn’t just talking for marketing and promotion purposes. He was living his program, and it was compelling and attractive,” Mae said. Over the last seven years, the company learned something else: Juicing is challenging for many. It requires having access to and buying high-quality ingredients, not to mention a juicer.  Besides the shopping, there’s lots of other work, from the chopping to the cleanup. “The lifestyle around juicing isn’t that easy for everyone to achieve,” Mae stressed. “Our customers would tell us they wanted to do our programs, but didn’t have the time or the money to juice.” Take my brief love affair with juicing, for example!

The Benefits of Juicing, Minus The Hassle

Organifi Green Juice includes beets and mint. It’s yummy!

Always striving to make transformation easier for their customers, Drew and his team decided in 2014 to start producing physical product that would remove the challenge from juicing, as well as provide the benefits consumers wanted, including weight loss, increased energy, better sleep, and decreased stress. The first product, Organifi Green Juice, is a top seller today. A gently-dried superfood powder made from powerful, dark leafy greens, it helps the body cope with daily external and internal stresses, and normalize its biological processes. Ashwagandha, one of the key ingredients in Organifi Green Juice, is a plant used in herbal medicine that is believed to improve thinking ability, decrease pain and inflammation, and reduce the effects of aging. Other ingredients include mint, beets, turmeric, and coconut water.

Like the Green Juice powder, the other superfood powders in the Organifi line are created to address specific goals its customers want to reach–from more energy to sounder sleep–which the company calls “pain points,” Mae explained. After identifying a pain point, Organifi extensively researches which key natural ingredients from plants have been clinically proven to help solve it. Organifi then works with vendors who formulate the appropriate powder from certified organic ingredients. Besides its effectiveness, each new powder must taste great, Mae said. “We sometimes taste test for a year,” she added. Once the two criteria are met, the powder can simply be mixed with water, or another liquid, to conveniently provide all essential nutrients.

Organifi Red Juice includes pomegranate

Organifi Red Juice superfood powder is used to ignite metabolism and provide energy, as well as revitalize skin cells. Ingredients include acai, which has 10 times the antioxidants of most fruits, to lower muscle stress; pomegranate to improve cardiovascular health, and cordyceps, an essential fungus to burn fat without having to go crazy in the gym.

Organifi Gold is packed with soothing herbs, sleep-enhancing phytonutrients and antioxidants to boost immunity and help you sleep deeply, so you wake refreshed and rejuvenated. It includes turmeric, ginger and reishi mushroom to fight inflammation, soothe aches, ward off colds and flus, and aid digestion. “It’s good for you, whether you’re an athlete or an active grandmother,” Mae noted. Organifi Gold can be mixed with a glass of warm water or milk, and sipped in the evening to maximize its calming effects.  

Organifi Complete Protein All-in-One Shake, in vanilla flavor, is a high-protein drink that can substitute for one or two meals a day. It includes pumpkin protein, which can help strengthen bones, teeth and even your heart; quinoa protein to combat inflammation; pea protein, which can help repair your cells and give you stronger, firmer skin, and plant-based digestive enzymes to help your body break down and absorb nutrients.


Consider two of the thousands of rave reviews on the Organifi website:

“I was tired and not sleeping through the night. I was on Facebook and watched a video of this hot guy talking about Greens & Reds. Peaked my interest and I ordered. I am now in the middle of my second month and I have more energy. I’m happy, I’ve lost weight and I sleep through the night thanks to my Gold. I posted a video online about my experience with these products and more than 10 of my friends have placed orders and are very happy. Try it, you won’t regret it,” wrote Myra A.

“Green Juice is truly the most amazing drink! I highly recommend it to all my friends and family. For my employment we are required to do a panel of wellness tests. Every one of my tests came back in the normal range, I’m 66 years old, I take no medications, only taking Organifi Green Juice. That says it all,” commented Vivian R.  

Set Out On Your Juicing Journey Today

While it’s easy to add Organifi superfood powders to your daily routine, it’s not a “magic bullet” for someone who is sedentary and on a horrible diet, Mae stressed. “It’s most effective for anyone who is ready to make lifestyle changes. It kickstarts the motivation. But, don’t be impatient. Consider how long it took you to get to where you are. Use Organifi for 30 days and be focused on the positive changes you’re going to feel, from mental, spiritual and nutritional perspectives,” she recommended.

“I get to wake up every single day and transform someone’s life,” Drew said in one of his online videos. “We’ve transformed thousands of people, but the most important person I’ve transformed was myself. You, too, can shift your mindset and start your true life transformation.”

Organifi is sold in about 1,500 stores, including Vitamin Shoppe, at heath events, and online. Confident that its superfood powders will help change your life, it offers a 60-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

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