28 Superb Superfood Recipes

Greens and fruits packed with vital minerals to help detoxify your body, reduce your risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases, lower cholesterol, and more, are commonly called Superfoods. Think broccoli, kale, pomegranate, and pineapple, which are filled with the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that your body can effectively absorb.

28 Superfood Recipes For Every Day, a new e-book from the Institute for Vibrant Living, offers four sections of recipes incorporating superfoods. You may remember IVL from its e-book of delicious heart healthy recipes, so we’re excited to share its newest e-book today. Here are four of our favorites!

Excite your taste buds with the COOL & CRISP SMOOTHIE, which includes apple, cucumber, plain yogurt, and crushed ice. “You can enjoy this refreshing green smoothie when you wake up or for an afternoon snack. It was a cinch to blend in my Vitamix!” says Geri Brin, founder of FabOverFifty.com.
STRAWBERRY SOUP is a perfect recipe for spring lunch or a light dinner. Served chilled, the recipe calls for strawberries, orange juice, yogurt, vanilla extract, and low-fat milk. “This was the first time I had strawberry soup, and boy, was it yummy! It will be nice to whip this up on a hot summer evening,” says Geri.
raspberrysalad The SPINACH SALAD combines fresh spinach and raspberries, walnuts, and a touch of shaved dark chocolate. The dressing is made with walnut oil and balsamic vinegar. “It’s a delightful sweet take on traditional salad,” Geri says. “I loved the unexpected chocolate.”
The ORANGALICIOUS SMOOTHIE combines vanilla frozen yogurt, orange and carrot juices, and crushed ice.“This makes a lovely dessert!” Geri says.


The other 24 recipes are enticing, as well, so download the free e-book here and make sure to include superfoods in your daily diet, and get the most out of your smoothies, salads, soups and guiltless goodies!

This post is sponsored by the Institute for Vibrant Living.

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