Take This And You’ll Sleep Like A Baby!

If you have trouble sleeping through the night, for any reason--anxiety to hot flashes–I urge you to try a product I’ve been using for almost two years that has given me night after night of glorious uninterrupted sleep I could only dream of before. It even worked the few times I had a cup of coffee after dinner; it just took a little longer to get to sleep.

I learned about Sambrosa Sweet Dreams when the brand invited me to try it in the fall of 2015. I wrote an article after using it for a week, and now–in 2017– I order 5 bottles at a time because I NEVER want to be without it.

Vann Duke, my trainer, loves Sambrosa, too, and he won’t dare put anything into his healthy body unless the ingredients get his stamp of approval!

Here is the article I wrote two years ago, when Sambrosa first lulled me to sleep.

NOTE TO MY FOFriends: Even though the Amazon headline on Sambrosa says “Nighttime Allergy Relief & Cough Medicine,” it is totally safe and effective when taken solely as a sleep aid, as I do!

The reason for the wording has to do with FDA regulations, Sambrosa told me.

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  1. Cali Clarke says:

    Sounds great but sadly doesn’t seem to be available in the UK

    • GeriFOF says:

      Hi Cali,

      If you’d like to try it, we’d be happy to get a bottle over to you. email your address to me at geri@faboverfifty.com



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